Valgus by AshleyAnthrax


But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? Is it a woman? No, it’s just that magelight spell you cast a minute ago.

Here’s a screenshot of Valgus from AshleyAnthrax. Digging the threads, although they’re probably best suited for a younger version of Valgus, back when he was still a soldier.

His monk robes more accurately characterize his current state of mind, at least when you first meet him. After all, the Dragonborn can make him whatever he or she wants.

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Beatrice and Urzub by Finn Wolfshorn

Two stoned troubadours

Beatrice and Urzub in the hood, up to no good

Technically, Beatrice and Urzub aren’t good people. One’s a Forsworn, the other tortures animals. Still, you can’t help but like them. People are strange like that. They’re funny and weird and ugly and beautiful. Talk long enough, or take enough drugs, and you’ll see every side of the die.

Teleportation Machine by Asaruth

Teleportation Machine

Shit’s about to go down, but first Camaron needs to look left, because torchbugs.

Today’s screenshot of The Teleportation Machine quest is courtesy of Asaruth. Technically, Scotti’s face is supposed to remain hidden, so there’s some armor mod shenanigans going on here.

Then again, I suppose it isn’t really a spoiler because all Argonians look the same. Thankfully, some of my best friends are Argonian so that allows me to say racist things.

3DNPC v3.07.6


This is the release of 3.07.6, which has some minor fixes including being able to find Meresine through any Thalmor male. This should make it so the average player will have the option of taking her on their travels, as opposed to her existence being some magical Easter egg. I mean, I don’t even celebrate Easter.

Let me know if there’s any other tweaks you’d like to see in the comments.

3DNPC v3.07.6

New Quests
Children of the Dust
The Curse

New NPCs
• Sorax (SageHalo)
• Kleera (Jessica Osborne)
• Hag (Cassandra Wladyslava)
• Minedrahl (Ludvig Lindblad)
• Sorax’s Wife (Ronja Monto)
• Ariele (Lucy Starita)
• Lyela (Ainsley Brennan)

All Fixes and Tweaks from v3.07
• Added journal entry to find Meresine by talking to male Thalmors
• Fixed objective marker pointing to disabled Rift guard if Riften controlled by Empire
• One post-battle line for Zora not conditioned for gender
• New slot for Mithril‘s wings to avoid conflicts with quiver mods
Halcar and Primei now go to Skeever at night after completion of Thousand Words.
• Na’ir now disabled after completion of Aldmeri Prisoner quests
• Additional guard dialogue added to start Vigilance and Virtue and Blood of Kings
• Nonoodles created new meshes for male NPCs wearing female clothing to prevent CTDs
• Fixed improperly connected dialogue in Zora and Isobel‘s initial greetings
• Added two missing meshes for The Aldmeri Prisoner
• Raised decibel level for Gromash

Fan Art – Olivia by Olivia



AAAAAAAAA this bit by Olivia Malone is the best. In fact, I wish to subscribe to this comic so I can learn more about her adventures. The book covers, the colors, the facial expressions, the stomping of the feet – every little gesture, word, and mannerism isn’t just gold, it’s adamantium. Love it.

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