Rumarin and Others by GoldenPolaris




Eyes and Warpaint series 4/3

i picked out some of my favourite characters from Skyrim and decided to make a sort of miniseries of it. Featuring Rumarin, Teldryn Sero, and Tashana (my first dragonborn whom i still love today)

Rumarin alone: link
Teldryn Sero alone: link
Tashana alone: link
All three together: you are here

Note: It seems the links are dead but hopefully GoldenPolaris will return soon with more amazing art.

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Valgus by Corvidfeathers



I drew a Skyrim thing.

This is Valgus, an Imperial healer, and one of the followers added by the Skyrim mod Interest NPCs.  It’s a fantastic mod with amazing characters, so if any of you play Skyrim with mods I recommend you check it out! ^^

I’m ridiculously proud of that skin chading and detail.  My fabric shading could be much better and the magic is eh but that’s the best skin I have ever colored I think.

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