Meresine by Siempre


Here’s a cropped screenshot of Meresine stringing her bow, click on the image to get Siempre’s original. In other news, we’re almost near June, so I think I’m gonna start putting up some Fallout mods for testing next week, provided the last bit of voice work comes in. I’ll probably post them here and put dedicated links for each mod and Wiki in the forums.

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3DNPC v3.09.6

Here’s version 3.09.6 which fixes a longstanding bug for Among-the-Hist‘s dialogue that was caused by Keerava’s innkeeper note. I suppose few people were using the note, however, because no one mentioned it until last week.

3DNPC 3.09.6 (67 MB)

All Fixes and Tweaks from v3.09:

  • Fixed bug where reading Keerava’s innkeeper note to meet the Among-the-Hist skipped his initial dialogue
  • Added missing texture for Mithril‘s wings
  • Had Sharlikran inspect the esp, found and cleaned up normal errors that the CK does to navmeshes
  • Dropped bass on Eldar‘s audio
  • Added option to kill Froa, Ariele, and Y’tharil before completing their respective quests
  • Treads-the-Ashes (Beta) – Fixed hiring and dismissal issues
  • Checked allow reserved box for most aliases to help with alias filling issues
  • Added failsafe in Pit Dogs if by chance Gorr attacks the Redguards from Hammerfell
  • Stolen Property can be started at Stage 60 or higher of the Forsworn Conspiracy(brawler should be done with by then)
  • Added script to remove Dro’bar‘s coin from your inventory
  • Removed objective markers in Spell it Out for Me on dead targets, added Lurgok as target and conditioned Lagdu’s marker to having started Brakh‘s quest
  • Alassea now requires a brief conversation at the Temple of Mara to qualify for marriage
  • Ability to tell Rumarin whether to use bow or sword
  • Added Wolves of Jorrvaskr to Alassea‘s playlist
  • Added temporary restraints to patrons in Pit Dogs so they don’t run around during the fight
  • Added script to Frodmar to bump Birds of a Feather to stage 20 in the event outside trigger fails to fire
  • Changed objective markers in A Spell for Rumarin to not show once completed
  • Changed Robber’s Refuge patron so she doesn’t have the name of a terrorist organization
  • Removed “A Warrior’s Life” from Ygglief’s list of duets
  • Upon completion of A New Dawn, Olivia and her acolytes are now removed from their factions allowing them to be raised as thralls without consequence.
  • Some unvoiced Valgus lines removed

Fallout Mods: It Takes a Village – Mack, Sally, and Madison

Here’s Leara Morris-Clark with an awesome array of child voices, doing Mack, Sally, and Madison for the Fallout mod It Takes a Village.

I made this mod last week, so I don’t know if it’ll make it to the release, mostly because I haven’t cast the other parts. Still, you never really know with these things, someone like Leara might just pop up tomorrow, scoop up the uncast roles and knock ’em dead.

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