Rumarin by Kaia Linden

Here’s a contribution from Kaia Linden of Rumarin looking like a badass wearing the Breton Knight Armor Mod. How many knives is that, six? Damn. Knowing Rumarin though he probably just uses them to slice his bread.

I believe you can find more of Kaia’s adventures here, unless this Tumblr was made by an impersonator.

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Fight to the Death for a $10 Origin Coupon


Good news everyone! This weekend I’ll be giving away a $10 coupon off any Origin game of $30 or more, mostly because it came free and I typically use Steam. But also because I love you all.

However, in the interest of sport I figured it would be best to settle this with a short quiz, tic-tac-toe or a duel to the death. Unfortunately, murder is illegal and tic-tac-toe is a stupid game designed for smart people. Quiz is probably best. First person to message me – mail or snail – with the correct answers gets it.

1. What does Urzub like to do when he’s all out of skooma?

2. What’s the name of Thorolf‘s proposed museum?

3. Connect Froa to Valgus in three degrees or less.

4.  A Nirnroot goes on a date with a Pearl. Afterward, both agree it was a disaster. Why? (Hint: It’s one of Kianna‘s alchemy jokes)

5. What’s the name of Lundvar‘s brother?

The coupon expires on December 21st, so I guess this lasts until then. You could theoretically use it to buy that new game everyone’s talking about. That’s right, Need for Speed Rivals: Complete Edition.

Raynes by Dusklightdew


“Is Raynes gonna have to choke a fetcher?”

Here is a screenshot by Dusklightdew of Raynes looking pouty. Like someone stole his sweetroll, the one covered in the blood of a filthy lawbreaker. See, he shoved it down a bandit’s throat so hard it popped his larynx and well….you don’t need the details. Let’s just say since the bandit couldn’t talk and serve as a witness, Raynes taught him sign language.

Anyway, teaching that bandit to speak without a throat was very touching and made Raynes feel a little sentimental about that sweetroll. It was his favorite, the kind of thing you cuddle with, and now someone stole it and he’s pouty. Real fucking pouty. Methinks that someone’s gonna get hurt.

Hjoromir by Mym


While Hjoromir looks handsome here, if you look down you’ll see he has one foot in dog doodoo and the other in a bucket.

This screenshot is very sparkly. I assume there are mods at work here – shiny, sparkly, twinkle little starry mods – that make him gleam like the protagonist in the Nordic version of Twilight. Still, Mym’s screenshot does make Hjoromir look his age, so in that sense I kind of like it, although there needs to be more derp sprinkled in.

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