3DNPC v3.1.1


Here’s version 3.11 with some fixes and tweaks reported by Blue, who also provided the screenshot of Carmella. Her skeletons will now take a knee when attacked. Also made some minor fixes to a couple of quests, and made Blood of Kings possible to start before Pit Dogs. Not exactly a perfect solution to conundrum of Zora being alive or dead, but at least now it’s possible that the latter outcome won’t result in an automatic re-load.

In other news, Fallout Bundle v0.03 will be released in about a week.

3DNPC 3.1.1

All Fixes and Tweaks from v3.10:

  • Carmella‘s skeletons are now protected
  • Carmella removed from necromancer faction and added to Riverwood faction to avoid battles at inn
  • Fixed a scene near the end of As You Like It that sent Daenlyn to the docks making him AWOL for the actual scene
  • Removed (Quest in Alpha) on dialogue to start Aldmeri Prisoner
  • Disabled trigger box in longhouse of Idle Dreams after initial use, as running into it a second time would make the initial scene repeat
  • Fixed Batheru‘s intro dialogue not to repeat when speaking to a Dunmer character
  • Made Blood of Kings possible to start before Pit Dogs. However, starting either quest must be done to completion before you can start the other.
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Fallout NV Mods: Velius – A Legion Companion

Here’s a character that’s been in the works for some time, an ex-Legion companion for Fallout: New Vegas. Velius is voiced by Dazedblackbird and is unique for a variety of reasons, the most notable of which is he’s transgender, and how he reconciles that reality with the misogynistic attitudes of his peers is something I felt was worth exploring. He also can do some serious ninja shit too, as seen in the video.