Carmella by Sheo the Mad One


Carmella, wondering why she lit that candle in the middle of the afternoon

Here’s a screenshot from Sheo the Mad One of Carmella at her table. Most of the stuff on there is the same as vanilla, but I added the soul gem fragments as part of her art show. Those shiny purple rocks used to be people, you know. Well, not just people, but souls. That’s like double people.

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Skjarn by 324b21


It’s fair to say some people hate Skjarn. Okay, most people hate Skjarn. In fact, someone once told me he and a friend started calling their roommate Skjarn as an inside joke, probably because he was a narcissistic douche. Funny thing is, Skjarn was once a roommate of mine too, only I thought he was fucking hilarious.

Alas, that’s a story for another day. Presently we have a fantastic watercolor by 324b21. It has Skjarn doing a hero pose, no doubt stealing a glance at a buxom wench, fully confident the uglies will be bumped later tonight. That is, if Skjarn classified any part of his anatomy as “ugly.” Spoiler alert, he doesn’t.

3DNPC v3.08.1

2013-05-24_00005bThis is the release of 3.08.1, which has some minor tweaks and fixes from the previous release – see below for details. I’ve also added some new Fallout roles to the Open Roles section in case anyone is interested in auditioning for those.

3DNPC v3.08.1

All Fixes and Tweaks from v3.08
• Fixed instance where NPCs from Aldmeri Prisoner would follow forever
• Added 2 missing audio files for Zajhirra, Callen

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