Fan Art – Fironet by Classic El

2014 - 1

Editor’s Note: Here’s another magnificent piece of artwork from ClassicEl. I finally get the username by the way, it’s a portmanteau of “Classical” and “El-something” (Ellen, Eleanor, Elena, Elizabeth, Ellie, El Magnifico). By Mara, I am slow. In addition, she also plays classical music too. I’ll shut up now and let her speak.

Ok I’ve been playing around with some new apps/programs and this is the final product. It’s an adaptation of the painting Woman Playing the Lute by the female artist: Artemisia Gentileschi.

So this is Fironet in her dreams, wearing an elegant golden dress while performing for the Jarl of Solitude.

I’ve also added a link to me playing (short excerpts of) two Renaissance Galliards by Francis Cutting. The sort of music I imagine Fironet would be playing in this portrait. (I play the Classical Guitar and particularly love Baroque and Renaissance lute music.)

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Fan Art – Erevan Comic by Numeriku



Here’s Numeriku aka Yee on Deviant Art with a wonderful little collage featuring her Dragonborn Talie and her awkward childhood romance with Erevan.

I have a couple more random doodles, and by random I mean my take on Erevan’s childhood mixed with my character Talie’s childhood kind of random *though they don’t remember each other, for different reasons*. So warning, utter random doodle distastefulness. But first…


Erevan, if you recall, grew up frail and brittle, the way a dried rose crumbles with the slightest touch of its petals. The only way he could become a knight was by being perfect, and it’s easy to imagine interactions like this motivating him to chase his dreams.

So, if I’m understanding the story correctly, the two meet as adults, and naturally things don’t go quite as swimmingly as you might expect. Talie clearly ain’t having it. Erevan looks confused. I think we need to put in a call and order 40 more episodes ASAP so we can find out what happens. #ErevanTalieSeason2 #allofmymoney

Non-Player Characters: Episode 2

Wednesday’s arrived and with it a second turn for J.T. Decker and Matthew Dixon. They go over the new Kickstarter game Divinity: Original Sin and a host of other topics.


On a news note, the rotation of these podcasts might change a bit in the coming weeks as I figure out the tone of the shows and the chemistry between the hosts, and how to balance that from week to week. Also, feedback on any of the podcasts is muy apreciado.

Fan Art – Amalee and Zora by Rusavia


Here’s some more art courtesy of Rusavia over on the Tumblrs. If you like her blog, follow her. Not in that creepy stalker way, but in that loyal companion way, exactly 384 units behind while ocassionally blocking the exit.

Anyway, I like the way Amalee‘s sketch has tiny freckles of color, in her amulet and in her eyes. In fact, I like to imagine the amulet works like a mood ring. It turns green when there’s a beautiful landscape to witness, red when there’s danger, and yellow when it’s time to hit the gas and speed through the intersection.


Zora, looking cozy. You can also see the diamond and opal colored eyes here, it makes you want to pluck them out and where it as a ring. But that would be creepy and gross so don’t do that.

This piece of art doesn’t have that vibe at all, it’s just comfy, like a warm fire in a winter cabin.

3DNPC v3.07.2


This is the release of 3.07.2, the second of ten updates before 3.08. Two short, miscellaneous quests have been added in this version. The first can be started via a note from the innkeeper in Dawnstar. The second is accessible by entering Ariele’s Cabin, which is right by the river near the Reach Stormcloak Camp.

The quests feature voices old and new, and introduces Lucy Starita, Ainsley Brennan, and Ludvig Lindblad to the family. Also, thanks again to all the folks who do fan art, GIFs, answer questions, report bugs, or just come by and say hello. You are all amazing and I feel like I don’t say it enough.

Update: Forgot like 5 sound files for an vanilla-voiced Argonian, re-uploaded.

3DNPC v3.07.2 

New Quests
• Children of the Dust
• The Curse

New NPCs
• Sorax (SageHalo)
• Kleera (Jessica Osborne)
• Hag (Cassandra Wladyslava)
• Minedrahl (Ludvig Lindblad)
• Sorax’s Wife (Ronja Monto)
• Ariele (Lucy Starita)
• Lyela (Ainsley Brennan)

All Fixes and Tweaks from v3.07
• Added two missing meshes for The Aldmeri Prisoner
• Raised decibel level for Gromash

Fan Art – Rumarin by 324b21


Hooray for more art! This is something 324b21 made in graphic design class. It could be for a T-shirt, or as Mouse points out, perhaps even a coffee mug. Personally I think it would go great as a tattoo on your butt, or perhaps a birthday cake (with or without strippers), or on Rumarin-themed bedsheets.

Horrible ideas like these are why I never make any money on merchandising. That, and well, technically I think Bethesda owns the rights to everything I make with their Creation Kit. However, what if I created Rumarin and friends on a napkin before I ever added them to Skyrim? Doesn’t that mean I own the rights? And if I give my consent – which I do wholeheartedly  - 324b21 can print said merchandise?

Someone call my lawyer. But not until I get one, otherwise there’ll be no one on the other end.

Sims and Saints


It appears I am suffering from a disease where I don’t even play games any more, I just spend all my time putting 3DNPCs into the character creators.

The first one is a riff on the Fallout comic 324b21 is making. I didn’t know how to make an Argonian in the Sims, probably because that option doesn’t exist, so I just covered Anum-La‘s skin in tats. It sort of looks like scales if you take off your glasses.

saints row Morndasb

This is Morndas as I picture her in modern day clothes, just kicking it down in some urine-scented New York subway.  After a morning cigarette, she flicks it onto the track and hops on a train to Times Square. Like any good cat/burglar, she wants to dip her paws in the blue jean water and see if she can’t catch some fish.

Music – A Warrior’s Life (Mandola Version) by Anna Castiglioni


Here’s Anna Castiglioni performing a mandola version of A Warrior’s Life.  Mandolas, also known in Mando’a as the Mando’ade, or “Children of Mandalore”—were a nomadic group of clan-based people bound by a common culture. Boba Fett, for instance, is a Mando…

Never mind, apparently it’s a musical instrument of some kind. That makes a lot more sense.

Fan Art – Griffith and Morrigan by Ciao, Mad War!


It’s Fan Art Friday which means I get to post more stuff I found on the cyberspace.  Which is what the internet used to be called before most of you folks were born. Lawn, off please.

Then again, I find it harder to shake my fist at all the darn kids when they come bearings gifts of amazing art. This is one I found on the blog Ciao, Mad War! - it’s Griffith and Morrigan sharing a moment.

Trailers and Teasers – Lyela

Here’s Ainsley Brennan voicing her first role for a new miscellaneous quest. The two quests I have lined up aren’t particularly long, but the directions and tone they take should help balance out the overall quest offerings.

I know that makes no sense whatsoever, but you’ll see what I mean when you play them. They complement what’s already there.

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