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Here’s some Skyrim Porn I found on Reddit courtesy of FadingSignal. One of these days I will get my game looking as nice as this screenshot, and perhaps with a decent FPS too. Just got to save up enough for that Skylake processor and next gen graphics card.

As always, click on the image for the full size version, I usually upload a low resolution one for the front page to maintain site speed.

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Workshops and Engines

FalloutNV 2015-03-02 15-21-34-06.avi_snapshot_00.01_[2015.03.02_15.22.54]

As of today I’ve finished six quests now for Fallout 3 and two for New Vegas, but I still need to get the parts cast and voiced, so I don’t really have a time frame on when they’ll be released. With New Vegas I’ll probably just concentrate on background NPCs, Hope Lies, and stuff to fill in the cracks.

  • Same with Interesting NPCs version 3.09.2. Just need a few things voiced, and once that’s done there will be enough new content to justify an update. Right now it’s just too similar to the previous patch.
  • According to the Bethblog, you will soon be able to release mods over 100MB onto the Steam Workshop. I think it used to be 10MB back when I first uploaded Interesting NPCs to Steam. That experiment lasted about a week.
  • Speaking of engines, I mentioned this in the forums, but Unreal Engine 4 is now free to use.  Of course, you still have to learn to code, get art meshes and textures, make animations, and all the other millions of things that go into a video game. But given you can already buy the art, hopefully the marketplace will grow and provide developers with the assets they need.

Anyways, I’ll need to figure out whether to upload the mod to Steam. From what I remember the workshop auto-updates when a new version is uploaded, which is not ideal for a 2GB mod. Although granted, I don’t update nearly as frequently as I used to, so it might work.

Hope everyone has a good week, and as always thanks for the support.

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