The Atomic Hour – Episode 1: Paladin Danse

So here’s a new show for the Youtube channel. If it’s a bit unexpected, well, that’s because I came up with it two days ago. It’s based on the Atomic Radio show of the same name, and voiced by James McLauchlan. I hope to make it a weekly thing.

The plan is to have a different NPC on as a guest every week.


Settling In


Just a note, with the new quests for Tales from the Commonwealth released, I think I’m going to go back and focus on adding some settlers next. One possibility is making them separate ESL files so they don’t get added to the 255 plugin limit, although my preliminary test to make one didn’t go so well.

In lieu of that, I could go with an old fashioned ESP with all settlers bundled together (or just add them to TFTC), but I’ll figure that out as I go along.

Regardless of the format I’ll probably release them all at once. That’s because the Casting Call Club has gotten a little more strict in terms of the type of projects that can go on, so I’ll need to put a little more effort into the recruitment instead of just throwing up an ACTORS WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE sign. Posting the auditions in groups of 10 and adding pictures of them in game should help. Meaning, the mod will have to be done before the casting, whereas previously it saved me time to post the scripts first.

The other thing that will be somewhat challenging is trying to find “homes” for potential settlers since I don’t want to fiddle with the actual settler system that makes them show up at your door and decide they’re moving in. Of course, if they already have a home, that presents a bit of a paradox. Especially if they live somewhere cushy, like Diamond City, why would they want to leave?

Maybe they just hate baseball? They wouldn’t be the first to use that excuse.