Music – Original Compositions

The next update will feature an assortment of goodies, including four new battle songs for the upcoming quests.  The music will be edited, however, to match the scenes they were designed for.   As such, I wanted to put up Giramor’s and Arisen1’s original compositions in their entirety for your perusal.  They will also be in the sidebar playlist.

Sokhi Munaumi Remas by Arisen1  for The Radiant Dark

Honor by Arisen1 for The Radiant Dark

Muirin’s Dream by Arisen1 for Honor’s Calling

Miserere Mei Meus Amicus by Giramor for Honor’s Calling

When the next update will come, I do not know.  Reading the tea leaves that I’ve placed on my tarot cards I bought to help me with my love life, it says something about dying lonely and my lucky number being 47, so I’d say somewhere between now and the 47th of January.

Before, updates would mean more voiced NPCs, and potentially more silent ones.  I don’t think the experience was compromised by either version, as dealing with NPCs was akin to reading a book.  With quests, the narrative involves a lot more moving parts, and at times it’s hard to direct these aspects without having the voices.  So we sit, and we wait, and hope that it’s worth it.


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  1. I heard “Miserere Mei Meus Amicus” and I knew it was from this mod even though I have other Fantasy Music Overhaul installed. I say, it was quite fitting for the quest and I would love to hear it again in-game. Giramor did an awesome job and it was gripping all the way through.

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