Music – Bard Songs and Compositions

The Marsh Rain FallsThe thing about this mod is, I could put up a finished quest and the very next day find a way to add to it.  It’s like Eleanor says – the mod is a living breathing organism, always evolving, and shedding old skin.  Arisen1 and Giramor have contributed tirelessly to the mod, and here are a few rough drafts for the newest compositions and bard songs, the last of which will serve as an epilogue to one of the quests.  Enjoy.

Lunar Lake Seranada by Anduniel (Anna Castiglioni) for the NPC Amalee

We Built this World by Giramor for The Children Fair

Peril by Arisen1  for The Children Fair

Mogo’s Mead by Arisen1 for Various Bards

Tears of the Hist by Arisen1 for Honor’s Calling

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3 thoughts on “Music – Bard Songs and Compositions

  1. Oh my, Arisen, you’re quite amazing. Also did anyone have trouble reading this post through their rss reader? Google reader couldn’t display the post at all for me…

  2. I’ve been listening to these and the previous songs and I have to say that some of them remind me of the old Final Fantasies and their music. :) They sort of have a similar feeling or ‘soul’ to them… at least in my opinion. Reaally big thumbs up for Arisen and Giramor and everyone else involved. :) I’ve caught myself singing and humming some of these songs…

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