Meet the Actor – Anna Castiglioni (Anduniel)

Handsome Man's GrottoWhen it comes to commitment, there are all types. Some voice actors are incredibly reliable but like to take their time, so I give it to them. Others have an insatiable appetite for lines, so I tend to keep them fed, provided they have the talent, versatility, and recording quality goodness that we all strive for.

What makes Anna Castiglioni remarkable is not only does she check off all those boxes, she does so while working tirelessly on her own companion mod and about 178,237 other projects. While I believe her husband would object, if her and Jay ever had children they would probably have enough energy and dedication to end world hunger, build a bridge to mars, and develop an equation for quantum gravity. They would save the world. SAVE THE WORLD. The rest of us would just live in it.

In between rescuing the planet and working on the mods – all of them – she took some time to provide us with another literacy-free interview.


6 thoughts on “Meet the Actor – Anna Castiglioni (Anduniel)

  1. I’m actually quite confused by your comment. Is it a compliment or a criticism? Can you elaborate? I saw a music overhaul not long ago, both on Steam and Nexus, by a composer I think, all the vanilla music and more, completely redone.

  2. Dear Anna Castiglion,
    My name is Ashley Serrano and I just wanted to thank you so very much for lending your voice to Interesting Npc’s and other mods. I really love your work and just am a huge fan that wanted to thank you and ask that you please keep up the great work. Your voice is amazing and I hope to see (or hear rather) more of you in other games. Again your awesome and I love your work please keep it up.
    Sincerely your number # 1 fan Ashley Serrano!!!

  3. Thank you Ashley! It’s always nice to hear from fans, makes me feel good ^_^
    Do you know about my new mod, Anna NPCs? 4 new followers (soon to be 5 in the next release), new songs, party banter, and more!

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