Trailers and Teasers – Reunald, Helcyon, Frygg

Despite the overabundance of male actors in the mod, there has been a paucity of male vocalists. So to rectify that, I plan on adding some more male bards to the taverns around Skyrim, although I haven’t decided on whether to make them jukeboxes or give them a full sheet of dialogue. This bard, whom I inadvertently named after a car, will likely be in Kynesgrove. Aaron Kelley is new to the mod, but will be voicing some key roles in the Blood of Kings questline. Barrett Leddy is another actor who will sing and possibly dance at Rorikstead’s Frostfruit Inn.

Another actor for the questline, Jay Appleyard, is also a new addition. We don’t know if he can sing yet, as I haven’t asked him, but we do know he can execute a creepy fortune teller voice with precision. Proof of which is in the video below for Helcyon, and to a lesser extent Frygg

In other news, you may have noticed the ReadMe is slowing filling out. This is entirely due to Blauwvis, who has tirelessly added new pages, collected RefIDs and made neat little tables for your perusal. Roarian has also volunteered to help clean up any broken links and errors.


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