Scrying the Tea Leaves

urzubI am not entirely sure when I will post a new release, as Blauwvis is my only bug tester, and she can’t be everywhere at once. We are also still trying to finish this wiki and bug-sweep and add new content, but it can be tiresome. Some notes:

• The part of Morndas may require re-casting, as Kelly has a very busy schedule that may intervene. Will post the script up on Nexus soon.

• Just to talk about the difficulty of casting, I have not received one audition for Falatild, one of the chief protagonists of a 7-part questline. Not even a bad audition. A premier role with some decent exposure and nothing. So, I’m not sure what the timeline is for that being voiced.

• Apropos of the first two bullet points, I want to put a real-time script on this blog, as well as on the character pages themselves. Blauwvis is working on a FAQ as well, but she’s only one person and I am only one something or other. Man?

• Anyone who wants to contribute to the blog/wiki, send me an email at and I will add you as an author. Just adding tables, screenshots, and RefIDs is a big help. Seriously, we will take anyone. I’m not going to say sexual favors will be offered for your services, but I am strongly implying it.

• Following next release, I will probably offer loose file updates again. I think I am done tinkering with audio file names, which was the primary reason I kept the BSA as a whole.

• Since we are using loose files, missing audio or new audio will be added to the blog via posts on the front page as well as the character pages. Oh, and lookee here, it’s audio files for both RAYNES and ISOBEL.  Just look at the bottom right hand section of the table for the words Audio Files – Download on their respective character pages. Again, this is just an example of how loose file updates can be provided after the next release.

Lastly, here’s a teaser for the Brother and Keeper quest.


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