Trailers and Teasers

I should also mention Vardath is named after a user who suggested making a quest based on slavers, and so here he is. The shirtless thing was my idea.

More work done courtesy of Jay Appleyard, about 500 lines in a span of a day. The top video is the main protagonist for the Stolen Property quest, and the bottom video is the Orc character for the miscellaneous quest, Bite the Hand that Feeds You.

You may have also noticed I’ve moved scripts onto the blog page in the right hand column labeled Casting Call, but I haven’t really had a chance to listen to auditions as I’ve been working on adding audio to the characters in the videos. But the point of having the scripts online as opposed to on a Word Doc is to add pretty pictures, as I think having a visual of the NPC will be an immense help to actors looking to get a feel for the character.

In other news, you may have noticed we’ve added more contributors. Sifka, who has done work on the Japanese translation for Interesting NPCs, has been helping Blauwvis and I add to the wiki. Ricardo Cancel is a volunteer who also has expressed interested in contributing, so I’ve given him some privileges as well.


One thought on “Trailers and Teasers

  1. Your mad has breathed new life into my Skyrim experience. THANKS!!!!

    I wonder around now looking for new people to talk to and sometimes even venture forth with them. :D

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