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2012-12-01_00001bAs the wiki slowly begins to take form, one of the things I want to give the masses out there the opportunity to do is provide screenshots for the various characters. What’s there now is basically whatever photo myself, Blauwvis, or Sifka can take while creating tables and blurbs, but ideally we want pictures that are pretty to look at or are symbolic of the quest.

The original photo I used for The Radiant Dark was shitty beyond belief, so I decided to put on my photographer’s hat and try and get some action shots. This one is probably the best of the bunch, with the whole juxtaposition of light and dark.

If you’d like to submit a photo for a character page, I will be more than happy to use it provided it is awesome. Ideally I prefer vanilla settings, as I’m boring like that, but I’m not married to any specific lighting/texture setup.

In other news, I think I will start the weekly updates next week, depending on how much content I get from the voice actors. This will allow bug fixes to get out promptly as well. The Blood of Kings Questline has a particularly nasty one right after the climax which I want to take care of, but the questline will probably remain in Alpha/Beta until I’m sure there are no others.

Again, we need testers, as right now it is just me and Blauwvis trying to squish bugs on our own, so anyone who is interested shoot me an email at Until we can get this thing fully polished, I’ll have to leave the WIP/Beta label on the box.


2 thoughts on “Pictures and Profile Pages

  1. i’ll be able to Beta Test for you this Summer, I can’t now because i’m swamped with schoolwork and i really wanna get some A’s and B’s this semester instead of my usual C average.

  2. m’aiq thinks this is a nice mod for the game. m’aiq appreciates the creators efforts. oh and please seed so that m’aiq can try this this evening.

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