3DNPC v2.43.1

2012-11-08_00028Alright, technically today is Tuesday, but only by half an hour in my time zone. The version number is the same because outside of the bug fixes, it’s exact same ESP plus voice files, and not the version I’m working with that has the new quest.

This is a zip file, not as good compression, but 10MB isn’t that big of a deal unless you are still using dial-up and like to complain about things. If so, I think there’s some kids on your lawn you need to see about first. The picture is unrelated, but sums up how I feel after a long weekend.

Download 3DNPC v2.43.1 – Main
Download 3DNPC v2.43.1 – FMC [UPDATE: Folder Names Fixed]

Morndas – Approx. 200 lines
Zora – Approx. 70 lines
Misha – 81 lines

Bug Fixes:
• Fixes a bug in 2.43 where Morrigan‘s initial dialogue was blocked by quest dialogue
• Fixes improperly conditioned dialogue in Birds of a Feather that allowed premature advancing of the quest
• Changed “Ride Horse” flag to false in mod’s custom follower package (Main file only) as it was causing random mounting of horses


One thought on “3DNPC v2.43.1

  1. thank you very much for all your hard work , also for making it easier to update. I’ve been following this mod ever since it was released, but only today did i realized that i have not endorsed it. sorry for that. anyways it’s endorsed now. my skyrim world won’t be complete without this.

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