Trailers and Teasers

Shannon Woodrow voiced another character, this one as part of the Darkened Steel quest.  I think the difference between Deidre and Valla demonstrates her range. She can also sing, professionally, in fact, and hopefully she’ll do a bard or two or six hundred.

I’ve also made an alteration to the comments so they no longer require approval if you’ve posted once. This way I can moderate the board but still allow discussion to flow naturally if need be. Even troll posts I typically approve them anyway, just so I can dissect them.


4 thoughts on “Trailers and Teasers

  1. I think the vanilla songs have been covered and recovered too many times. I would like to hear new songs.

    1. I think waking up to an alarm clock has been done too many times. Tomorrow, I would like a supermodel to wake me up with her mouth. But it’s not really a choice, is it?

      Obviously, I’d rather have new songs, and the mod has a ton already. But someone has to offer their time, effort, and creative juices for free to make them. It’s not like anyone is making a conscious choice to use vanilla songs over original ones.

  2. I can’t wait until the next update, hey are you in the process of finding a voice actor for the skooma addicted female Kha’ghitt in Rorikstead? She’s only non voiced npc i’ve found so far.

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