Trailers and Teasers

As you may have noticed, I have no idea how to create my own dungeons, so I basically just remix a vanilla cell whenever I need a new place. I’ve always liked the layout of Liar’s Retreat, as it’s one of the few taverns in Skyrim where the benches aren’t facing the wall, so it made sense to use the spot for one of the upcoming quests.

While the vanilla one is covered in pasty Elves and even pastier bandit corpses, this one is full of live, drunken criminals. As I’m also fond of bandit tunes, I added another male chorus similar to the one on the deck of Gabania’s ship for the quest Brother and Keeper, only now with an Argonian, a Khajiit, and some godawful singing from yours truly, but tucked away in the crowd.


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