Character Profile – Yushari

2013-06-07_00019Consider for a moment three traveling Khajiit being asked to peddle wares in Skyrim. They are each given a wagon with a variety of general goods, but they quickly discover the wares are not necessarily relevant to the region.

The first salesman, being of average skill, immediately begins to highlight items like fur coats, snow boots, and fire salts. As an average salesman, he identifies a customer’s need and does his best to fulfill it.

The second salesman is slightly more skilled than the first. He asks his customers if they like to travel. Perhaps a Nord couple spends their winters in Hammerfell. He identifies needs that the customer himself is unaware of, while still covering his bases.

The third salesman is neither good nor average. He’s corrupt. He doesn’t identify needs. He manufactures them. He does not give two shits about whether his customers come away satisfied with the transaction. The third salesman sells ice to Eskimos.

The best street vendors have always been the third type. They aren’t interested in repeat business, because the majority of their business comes from tourists. They have limited knowledge about the wares they sell, which is probably wise if what they’re selling is garbage.

Yushari is not a florist. A florist manicures and arranges her flowers in neat little bouquets. Yushari is selling a handful of flowers she pulled out of the ground. Her typical customer is a traveler, coming to the Temple of Mara to arrange a marriage. Given how uncommon divorce is – Nazeem is still married – the odds of repeat business are slim, and there is no reason for her claims to have merit. She will do everything and say anything to get the only sale that matters, the one right in front of her.


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  1. I found a shack in skyrim called “Lorne‘s shack” it’s west of Falkreach
    I googled it and no results came up.

    I just want some information about it because it’s just an empty shack with mead bottles on the ground and a storage box that is locked and needs a key to open it.
    Is this from your mod, and where do I find the key?

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