Status Update

2013-06-08_00001I’ve been swamped with real life work as of late and have not been able to do much of anything. So while there is nothing more tedious than writing the same articles about car valuations and business insurance over and over and over and over again, without this money I would not have food for me or my computer, which tends to eat bounds of electricity and refuses anything else, such as the bagels I have placed in its optical drive.

The mod is fairly close to being fully voiced, de-bugged and un-beta’d, mostly because I’ve kept the new stuff under wraps in hopes the voice actors would catch up. Unfortunately, the remaining voice actors are the kind that are extremely busy and sometimes do not reply to emails. So…while I do not want to call anybody out just yet, there is a reason the status bar is as such:


I also want to clean up some of the lower quality recordings from the early days of the mod. Some might require re-casting, depending on the original VA’s willingness to redo the lines. Darksun45230, for instance, has graciously accepted the task of re-recording Larkspur‘s base dialogue, much of which suffers from clipping/distortion. Others have not been as forthcoming, so perhaps you will see some familiar names on the Casting Call section in the coming weeks.


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