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When it comes to female Khajiit, there is no actor more authentic than Natalie Loftus. She absolutely nails it. She nailed it so hard it shattered the lumber and has left my face covered in splinters. Which is cool because I’ve always wanted to have a beard, just never knew how. ┬áThen Natalie nailed it, as Natalie tends to do.

Of course, the problem is, it seems nobody knows this but me, for the simple fact that Ms. Loftus is a very busy woman, and is not exactly keen on slavery, which is what the work essentially is. It’s murder on the throat and incredibly time-consuming and there are no rewards to speak of. So the basket full of Khajiit roles sits and waits in her inbox, and I’m okay with her taking all the time she needs, because I’m pretty sure I won’t find a better voice.

The question is, what to do with these characters in the meantime? It’s quite possible these roles will not be voiced until 2018, at which point I will already have moved on to writing Zora/Amalee slash-fiction. No one will want to voice these roles temporarily if it means they will eventually be sucked into Natalie’s gravitational vortex. Well, no one save me.

So, here is a sampling of what can be placeholder audio until these get recorded. If people can stomach it, I’ll record the rest and add it to an update. I can’t act, but I have a decent mic and an idea of what the inflections should sound like.


9 thoughts on “Placeholder Audio

  1. Is nobody else submitting auditions to be Khajiit? I think I’m going to finally try recording some lines for Inari tomorrow after work. Assuming I got the OK to be her voice *unlikely since I’ve never voiced anything before, but I can hope ^_^* I’ll probably need to get a better microphone, but should be able to do that before long.

  2. Well it does not sound bad. The only problem i could find is that it sounds too much like a stereotypical middle-easterner when you use words like infidel, but then again that might just be me. It’s also a bit too whispery (huh, just checked and that word actually exists) but the same thing happens to me when i’m alone and try to speak like a khajiit.

    1. ha, that’s all i’m going for, “does not sound bad.” Remember, this would be a placeholder until the actual lines get recorded. the pros are that the mic quality will be good and there isn’t a silent NPC wandering around for the next year or so.

      the cons are everything else.

    1. Alright, I’ll record it and add it to the next update. Hopefully it won’t be needed for very long, but at least Natalie won’t have to feel like she’s holding up the project from being fully voiced.

  3. I would have enjoyed hearing any voice to that Khajit which Gorr was fighting last night on my computer. Your rendition sounded wonderful. Sometimes it is not a matter of somebody hitting a voice properly as much as it is just having a voice. Some of the voice acting is truly remarkable by the way.

    Keep up the good work, this is an exceptional mod.

  4. Actually sounds pretty good to me- I say go for it.

    Dangers of insisting on perfection first time every time aside (I’m a concept artist, so I know first hand that that’s a great way to end up screaming at your computer screen XD), you do find people with more gravelly or hoarse voices, deeper or higher voices, stronger and weaker accents, or who simply pronounce certain things oddly (my brother insisted for years on pronouncing “gauge” as ‘gu-A-je’- and still does it sometimes) And then you get the occasional person with an incredibly annoying voice, or even rarer, the “Morgan Freeman”s where they could read the phonebook and you’d listen all day.

    So just from that you get quite a bit of leeway in the voices you can use, especially for bit parts where its okay if they aren’t the most beautiful voice you’ve ever heard, because you’ll only hear them speak a particular line once or twice.

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