Trailers and Teasers – Orenius

A year and a half ago, when the mod was in its infancy, I was just happy to get someone, anyone to lend their voice to these characters. They couldn’t even be called amateurs. They were just helpful, intrepid souls willing to lend their time for little to no gratitude. And nobody cared that the voices clipped and the tracks were noisy. I sure as hell didn’t. It was for shits, and it was for giggles.

These days, there are far more NPCs, and far more users. The shit has turned slightly more serious, the laughter a little more nervous. There’s a standard now that we have to uphold to, and that means revisiting some of the early roles so that every NPC meets it. While acting is subjective, the sound quality isn’t.

Damien Lacambra has lent his talents to Orenius, the first in a series of refurbished characters who will be part of the initial release later this year.  Damien can act, compose, and is available for parties and Bar Mitzvahs. I think.

In any event, with professionals like him on board, I think we can finally get a finished product up and running. And yet I would be remiss – so fucking remiss – if I didn’t stop and thank the people who taught it how to crawl.


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