Trailers and Teasers – Larkspur

Cain Manoli refurbishing Larkspur with new dialogue, an NPC whose audio previously had major clipping issues and had to be redone. Cain added some combat stuff as well. Larkspur is another character who will be helped greatly by the Dialogue Overhaul. Version 3 will have additional top level dialogue trees, so I definitely think he’ll be worth checking out when the mod goes live.


4 thoughts on “Trailers and Teasers – Larkspur

  1. Awww you changed voice actors… I loved Larkspur before, he sounded like such a romantic hedonist and very elvish. Now he just sounds sedated and sleazy.

    1. Well, that’s because he’s talking to a male. I think Cain did great distinguishing between the two sexes, whereas previously there wasn’t as big of a distinction. The dialogue with the female PC is much more suave.

      There’s also the fact that he’s not really a romantic – if you choose the bandit/thief related responses, he’ll admit that whole “helping the poor” gimmick is really about helping himself. Choose the honorable responses, and he’ll continue to bullshit you.

      As for the previous actor, his audio files had major clipping issues. Every other line had distortion and made it hard to listen to. Darksun indicated he didn’t have time to re-record and no longer was inclined to voice the character.

      1. I truly meant sounded as in his voice, not what he was saying. It helped buying his bullshit. Sorry for the confusion. I’m still sad about the voice actor changing but I guess it can’t be helped. The writing is still excellent of course.

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