Trailers and Teasers – Fig and Whig

Fig (Anna Castiglioni) and Whig (Incoherencel) are two patrons that are available via the Robber’s Refuge tavern. Simply talk to Ortheim about altering the drink menu, then get the approval of Evette San in Solitude. This will add the more “posh” patrons, just as Black Briar Mead will bring in the adventurers.

In the video, I’ve done a lot of the requirements for adding new folks, so the tavern is bustling with activity. By altering everyone’s schedules, I also think I can keep adding more people without overloading the area. Right now most patrons are there 3 days a week, but that can easily be altered to 1 or 2, with the weekends being the busiest.


2 thoughts on “Trailers and Teasers – Fig and Whig

  1. I sincerely hope the gentlemen is joking about cutting up that poor woman. Keep in mind i consider myself to be acutely averse to violence, yet if i hear that conversation in-game without the ability to call out his bullshit i’d have no choice but to kill him. :(

  2. I hope the gentleman is joking about cutting up that poor woman!

    Keep in mind that i consider myself to be a person acutely averse to violence, but if i am unable to call out his bullsh*t and schemes in-game like i’d have no moral choice but to kill him to prevent him from committing said atrocity. :(

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