3DNPC v3.01 Beta


This is the beta release for version 3.01. If all passes muster, I’ll put it up on Nexus. This is mostly to test the experimental player bard options and make sure everything is working properly. It also adds a significant number of fixes for version 3 which are listed below. As it introduces a new vampire as well, the Dawnguard patch has also been updated.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that the Hearthfire patch doesn’t require a separate BSA, since the scripts are identical, only the ESP has properties filled and whatnot. The main version never even uses those scripts so I basically made the BSA with HF just to be safe.

To install:

1. Have v3 installed.
2. Download v3.01 Update and install.
3. Add DG and HF patches if appropriate.

3DNPC v3.01 UPDATE (Beta Until Confirmed Stable) 

Dawnguard Meshes v3.01

Hearthfire Patch v3.01

Release Notes:

Voiced Content

New Miscellaneous Quest – Spell it Out for MeCassock in the Winking Skeever in Solitude

Player Bard Options – If you have a flute, drum, or lute in your inventory, or have completed Tending the Flames, you can play a handful of songs with select bards. Having an additional bard in your party, such as Alassea, Skjarn, or Amalee, will result in them joining along in most cases. Still experimental.

If you do not have these items in your inventory and have not joined the Bards College, the result will be less than ideal.

Additional Songs for Alassea and Amalee – Ronja Monto has provided alternate versions of Tears of the Hist and A Warrior’s Life which are unique to Alassea. Anna Castiglioni has added A Warrior’s Life to the list of songs she can play after completing Amalee’s personal quest.

Silent Content – Activate by typing “Setstage 3DNPCenable 1” in the console

Black Robes – Quest that finishes Anum-La‘s story, requires having beaten Bite the Hand that Feeds You.

Marry Alassea  – Once Robber’s Refuge is open for business
Marrying Alassea opens up a bonus conversation and song.

Marry Anum-La – If Black Robes is completed

Bug Fixes
• Players erroneously can start Darkened Steel without first talking to Tikrid in Dawnstar
• Entrance to Shadow’s Gulch not disabled
• Amicus‘ Quest – Bed not teleporting the player back to Ivarstead
Orondil‘s quest dialogue not showing up in the Way of the Nine if you’ve previously spoken to him.
• HF patch repeated dialogue
• “Dialogue Griffith” quest not renamed and does not complete.
• Amalee joining as follower after playing lute when not previously in follower faction
Callen not talking – type “setstage dialoguecallen 2” to enable
Larkspur – “You seem confident with women” loops when talking to female PC
Zajhirra Placeholder Audio Not Named Correctly
• Ange the Song-Bearer no longer wandering. Re-added packages and will be fixed.
Fig and Whig – “Tomato” Scene not playing all the way, 2 packages were placed on top of each other, confusing the AI
Fontaine set to “cowardly”
Rinori dialogue routed incorrectly
Sleeping GiantFjona‘s lute silent when playing lullaby
Raven of AnvilLundvar can only be given the letter at stage 5 of DialogueLundvar and not stage 6

• Per request, Larkspur’s follow options will now only show up if you’ve listened to the relevant dialogue. If you already have, you might have to click through the “You seem confident with women” conversation again or type “setstage Dialoguelarkspur 12” in the console.
• Added “meet quests” to Among the Hist and Rinori to help facilitate start of Vigilance and Virtue.
Isobel store options available in vanilla homes, didn’t want to edit the HF cells just yet.


19 thoughts on “3DNPC v3.01 Beta

  1. How did I know you were going to add the option to marry Alassea XD

    Well, too bad I’m Isobel all the way. =P Too many Oblivion allusions to NOT like that character…especially since I’ve been replaying Oblivion recently XD

    Also Anum-La finally becomes a marriage candidate. Single Argonians and lizard-fetishists of Skyrim, rejoice!

      1. Ah. Ok then. I’ll probably be waiting for updates to get out of beta from now on before downloading them, though, mainly because I’m playing around with Oblivion right now so that has me occupied enough in addition to college life.

        …That, and my net is sucky right now due to bandwidth limits being exceeded. Stupid Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition and your 20 gigabytes of goodness…

  2. I’m playing Amicus‘ quest, and when I retrieve the statue of Dibella I can’t talk to the “Jarl”. The option comes up to say just the one dialogue choice “I’ve retrieved the statue etc…” but when I click on it nothing happens. It can’t be clicked. Can’t use the keyboard to activate it either.

    1. try saving and reloading(F5/F9). just skyrim weirdness, not something that’s related to the mod as dialogue is just dialogue, there’s nothing special you can do that makes it un-clickable.

    1. darkened steel questline starts it. If you’re using v3, make sure you talk to tikrid in dawnstar about her backstory before starting it.

      v3.01 makes a minor change that forces you to talk to her first.

      1. I have been wandering all around Dawnstar with Tikrid as a follower (using v3.01) and I’ve followed all of her dialogs available, but nothing has led me to Darkened Steel. Is there a level requirement or the like (I’m just 31 at the moment)?

  3. I saw the last bullet pertained to Isobel. After I download the HF patch, I wanted to marry her and move her to my HF manor. Do you recommend waiting on that? I wasn’t too sure on what HF cells were.

      1. Ah ok. Well we’re married and happily living in Lakeview Manor. I’m not sure if I can ask you here or not but I was wondering something about Isobel. Without giving away too much spoilers she decides to smith me an item. I’ve noticed the weapons she smiths are only Steel class. Anyway for me or you to change that? I’d love to use the sword she made for our wedding if it were from Nordic Carved class or something more powerful than just Steel.

  4. So would I be correct in assuming this update is still in beta, as in Black Robes stil unvoiced, etc? That’s kind of what I’ve been waiting on before downloading the update.

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