3DNPC v3.02

2013-09-15_00005This is a minor maintenance update, just to add some additional follower commentary, fix some minor bugs, and implement some failsafe measures into some of the older scripts to account for friendly fire. I’m also trying something new with regard to the Hearthfire patch. It’s too time consuming to make a new one each time, and that could also lead to bugs.

So, starting with this version I’m using the HF patch to add new content, then using the CK’s Ctrl+Delete function to strip it as a master for the base download. Doesn’t seem to have any negative effects while testing, and it’s much easier to implement, so that’s what I’m going with.

3DNPC v3.02 – A torrent file of the Main Version in its entirety
UPDATE from v3.01 to v3.02 – For updating from version 3.01 only
HF Patch

New Stuff

•  Alassea marriage dialogue fully voiced, plus bonus dialogue in Solitude and Whiterun
•  Additional hellos/goodbyes for Valgus
•  Voices to all supplemental characters in Black Robes, only Anum-La unvoiced, use console to enable silent dialogue and start quest.

Bug Fixes and Tweaks

• House on the Hill – Added condition to prevent spoiling and finishing quest prematurely by talking to Wolf.
• Added missing audio files for Karras and missing “fail bard” track
• Added stop/start combat to sections of Pit Dogs and Children Fair in the event of friendly fire.
• Split/edited some monologues for Fironet, Jaspar and Asteria
• Beast Who Cannot Be Slain – Third person players were not being forced to 1st person camera at appropriate time
• Black Robes – Anum-La going back to Riften to sleep, do the quest during the day for now


18 thoughts on “3DNPC v3.02

  1. Is there any other prerequisite to marry Alassea besides rebuilding Robber’s Refuge? I tried the setstage 3DNPCenable 1 already and equipping Amulet of Mara, but the marriage dialogue didn’t show up. Or do I need to be somewhere specific?

    1. the 3dnpcenable is no longer required since it’s voiced. You do need to own a home, or else she’ll go back to the Temple of Talos. The only other prereqs are Robbersrefuge3dnpc being stage 80 or higher and vanilla stuff.

      If it still doesn’t show up, try raising her relationship rank via the console to 4. That’s the only other thing that would cause a holdup. I can’t recall where it gets set normally, but it was implemented prior to her becoming a follower.

      1. Hmmm… I already own all vanilla homes and the Robber’s refuge has been completed.
        Raised her disposition via console and equipping the amulet again, but still no marriage dialogue. Is she available for both gender?

        I’ll re-try again later.

              1. I’ve talked to maramal before and I still can’t access Alassea‘s marriage dialogue :/
                Are there any other prerequisites that I need in order to marry her?

                1. Okay, I think I figured this out. When adding her to the “PotentialMarriageFaction” it doesn’t apply to old saves. So you have to do it via the console. At the moment you also need to have a vanilla house and one of the “no i don’t want to marry you” question incorrectly shows up as “I want to marry you” Just pick the other one if the first one doesn’t work. Here’s the console code to add her to the faction:

                  addtofaction 19809 1

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