Fan Art – Rumarin and Olette by Evil Seedlet

rumarin olette

Here is some wonderful art from Evil Seedlet. You can find her Tumblr page here and her Youtube page there—->CLICK THIS NOW. I am sure, given her name, that if you visit her page and plant her in your head that no good will come from it, only evil, but why in Oblivion would you want to be good you Mary Sue. In fact, I give all law-abiders full permission to be evil for the rest of the year, which I’m sure overrules the Constitution of both the United States and your country of residence.

In any event, this picture features her character Ra’ziik with Rumarin and Olette. It’s kind of adorable. Hopefully we will see more art from her in the future, as there is plenty of space both on the blog and my back for me to tattoo them.


4 thoughts on “Fan Art – Rumarin and Olette by Evil Seedlet

  1. Oh, this is great. I can’t stop smiling about it.

    And I was too busy loving it to notice the misspelling, Seedlet, so don’t worry. ;)

  2. Fantastic! After Raynes, Rumarin is quite a refresher. I love the voice you gave him, Seedlet! “…as crazy as she drives me” sounds just like something Rumarin would say. And Babette not only look adorable, but she’s in-character.
    Love this. Interesting NPC’s needs more fanart =) Hope to see more on your tumblr sometime !

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