Trailers and Teasers – Mannequin NPC

Despite the fact that I’m taking a break from the NPC making business, I have sprinkled in a few goodies here and there for v3.03. I’ve decided, for instance, to expand some of the early NPCs so they aren’t on rails. Hagravi will be revamped for the next version, with multiple responses to choose from. Hjoromir and Skjarn will have more follower and combat dialogue, Iria will get a slightly less neutral voice, and some followers will chat with innkeepers.

There’s also this guy, who I originally considered making a follower, but there’s enough weirdos chasing you around, so I figured it would work best if the mannequin was, well, a mannequin. He goes to your home and wears your clothes and watches you when you sleep.

I was thinking of giving him a tranquil/HAL 9000 personality so it isn’t all that surprising when he strangles you. I’m sure it’s not the most original NPC idea but cut me some slack I’ve been on auto-pilot for the last month. Preliminary lines are here.


2 thoughts on “Trailers and Teasers – Mannequin NPC

  1. Fuuuuuu… T-T Please don´t. I had to move out of Markarth because the Mannequin kept stalking me. Please don´t make me move out of Solitude, too.

    Btw, I have installed the mod Proudspire fixed with forge and the forge is right around where this guy stands… I hope it won´t cause any conflicts or something. Should I uninstall the forge before updating?

    1. You don’t have to have him at Solitude, you don’t have to recruit him at all. Totally optional.

      The fact that I edited the cell, however, may require you to fiddle with your load order, moving the forge mod below so it has the final say, although I’m not sure it’s necessary since I’m not editing any vanilla items.

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