Trailers and Teasers – Mannequin NPC Poses

Here’s some more stuff for the mannequin. There’s still the occasional weirdness where it doesn’t load in (read: teleport to) the right place, and I’m not entirely sure how it picks what to wear, but I suppose the vanilla mannequins were equally finicky. One thing I think I’ve gotten figured out is how to get the poses to load when you enter the cell, based on your previous selection.

Another thing featured in the video I will likely have to axe is the kill move, as it causes the NPC to get stuck in a drawn weapon stance, which prevents other idles from being played. In any event, it’s coming along nicely.


One thought on “Trailers and Teasers – Mannequin NPC Poses

  1. So it is still in the test. I wonder if you could use like a patch to update the MOD.Because we here have already downloaded the mod and if it is just a patch,it would be much easier for downloading.Besides, here in China, our downloading files is within a limit. And there is no more websites we could easily log in.
    Thanks for the work.

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