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The main file is actually smaller for v3.03 than v3.02. The reason for this is I included some work files – the original uncompressed voice files for Tikrid – in the previous version. They can be found in the TIkridVoice folder of v3.02, and can be deleted or kept and framed for prosperity, provided you have a printer that can print sound. In any case, here are the releases and notes:

3DNPC v3.03 Main File – Full Download [Torrent – 1.7GB]

UPDATE ONLY – v3.02 to v3.03 – For those who already have v3.02 installed. – 140 MB.

HF PATCH v3.03 – For Hearthfire Users. Dawnguard update not necessary as no new vampires were introduced in v3.03.

Main Additions
Rumarin will now use dual bound blades and a bound bow
Valgus heals the player when health under 40% and he is within 512 units. He will also heal you post-battle if your health is low once every 12 hours, for immersion purposes only.
• Random innkeeper interaction with Alassea, Morndas, and Amalee
• New NPC Mannequin available upon completion of the House on the Hill (voiced by J.T. Decker)
• New voice for Zajhirra and Hagravi (voiced by J.T. Decker)
• Additional combat and commentary lines for Hjoromir, Alassea, Rumarin, Dagri’lon, Zora, Morndas, and Valgus

Silent Additions (setstage 3DNPCenable 1)
• New Dark Elf Archer/Follower, Meresine. One of Zajhirra’s random hellos will point you to her.

• “Setstage DialogueNPCName 500” will now turn mod NPCs into vanilla NPCs, and fail any related quests. Previously the console command muted the NPC as opposed to making them vanilla.
• Split monologues and re-arranged much of Jerulith and Frik‘s dialogue for shorter replies
• Raised volume on Drelas and Jaspar
• Moved Iria‘s start point to the Hall of the Dead until PC speaks to her at least once
Cassock‘s victims will now have urns in the Hall of the Dead

• Alassea or other Marriage Issues – It seems when I make an existing NPC marry-able it doesn’t register on old saves. Added an extra script to add them to the “potentialmarriagefaction” just in case, and attached to the proposal line.
• Alassea post-marriage song related dialogue not connected
Spell it Out for Me – In older saves, NPC not dying due to previously being set as “protected.”
• Alassea not playing Warrior’s Life – Unlocking Tears of the Hist is an improper condition.
• Iria looping “What can a corpse tell you…” question
Fironet and Rinori‘s audio had too much treble
Bodan missing an audio file for scene if PC is not a member of the Companions.
• Alisen not playing “Age of Aggression”


7 thoughts on “3DNPC v3.03

  1. Um, I have a question about installation. I don´t even really know what version I have installed, I just know I skipped a few updates. I´m downloading 3.03 right now, the “main file” version.

    Which files should I delete and what should I keep to safely install the newest version? (I already messed my game badly with some other mods, a few more “radical” uninstalls and I think I won´t even be able to load skyrim)

  2. Rumarin‘s bound bow works fine, but he never uses his bound blades; and the bow never disappears…? He can be made to attack melee style if I give him a sword, though that breaks immersion.

      1. Just popping in to say the same is happening over here (Rumarin always uses the bow and it never disappears). It’s not a new save file, but I didn’t encounter Rumarin on this particular character until after installing the update, if that helps.

    1. Bound blades work fine for me, and I’m using a VERY old save.

      Like, haven’t touched it with the mod since one of the last Beta updates. You probably just need to give it some time.

    1. Did you install any patches? This is a common thing people do in NMM. They uninstall the main version when they install the patch. NMM requires a specific procedure when applying patches. You have to click “No” to update and “Yes” to overwrite.

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