Trailers and Teasers – Halcar

Here is Matthew Dixon voicing Halcar for the new quest, A Thousand Words. As this quest centers around paintings, I have to mention that it wouldn’t be possible without the textures provided by Artisanix here.

I’ve cast all but the last part in this quest, and I should have plenty of auditions coming in for that one as well. This next update is shaping up to be a rather large one, and will include a full overhaul of many characters, and minor changes to both Rumarin and Valgus‘ initial encounters. Changes for the better, I assure you.


6 thoughts on “Trailers and Teasers – Halcar

  1. I think he sounds really awesome ! Like a … true High Elf, ha ha !

    So i was wondering, if the new update includes lots of changes for all the characters, what will happen to those I’ve already met ?

    1. Ha, I should change the word “major” to “minor” because that’s what I mean. Just small tweaks. The big alteration I was referring to is the audio quality due to the newer mics they’ve both gotten since the original recording. The dialogue just gets smoothing over.

  2. This new quest involving the paintings sounds really fun. But…I have taken a break from Skyrim for a while. I am totally infatuated with New Vegas. But I know which mod to DL first when I get back to Skyrim!

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