Trailers and Teasers – Rumarin Redux

I should apologize to all the translators out there. I’m sure it must be frustrating when I split the occasional monologues or make minor edits to the dialogue, but when I completely overhaul a character, it must be agonizing for them to have to re-kajigger the whole thing.

Still, I think in the end the changes are worth it. If perfect is the enemy of good, this may not be the last overhaul either. Then again, I can’t imagine Jay wanting to re-record a thousand lines a third time.  In any case, while the dialogue has been re-worked and re-ordered, you may notice that similar to Valgus, the meat of the conversation is mostly the same. It’s just been tweaked to be a little more seamless.


7 thoughts on “Trailers and Teasers – Rumarin Redux

    1. Not at the moment. Race, sex, and politics aren’t really important to Rumarin. He believes whatever you tell him to believe. He adapts to whatever the situation calls for, so there was never really a need to create specific racial dialogue as there would be if he was a racist or backed a particular side.

      Of course, in the future I could add dialogue that would demonstrate more of this in multiple playthroughs. Him agreeing that the Stormcloaks are bad, or the Imperials are bad, depending on your affiliation, but for the most part as with the “forsworn conspiracy” he’ll just meekly state his opinion before stating he’s an idiot and your decision is always best.

      1. Little details kinda look odd if your character is also a high elf though. Like the player dialog choice “You’re different from most high elves I’ve met” seems kinda odd from another high elf.

        1. I can change it to “most High Elves I know.” Being a High Elf shouldn’t preclude you from saying most High Elves aren’t like Rumarin, because for the most part they aren’t.

          Although given the answer, I can just as easily change it to “You certainly have a healthy sense of humor.” Both are fairly neutral which is what a top level branch has to be.

  1. I have a random question and no idea where to post it. I am writing a fanfiction book (for myself but if it ever got posted anywhere I would take no credit for the character or creation of anything within the piece. Full credit to all you lovely people who work so hard to make inpcs so awesome and behtesda of course! :)) based around the entire story of Skyrim and the dragonborn etc etc. I want to include Rumarin as one of the main characters, however I would like some notes to refer to on his character and past so I have something to build his personality upon. A lot of his dialogue disappears after first questioning him or randomly appears in the game. Is there by chance an archive somewhere of his full dialogue? Thanks!

    1. Starting a thread on the forums is best. Or you could use the existing Rumarin forum.

      Technically there’s no archive, but you can export dialogue in the CK. Problem is it’s a huge mess of data – it’s almost easier to talk to him in the game and record the session, completing the vanilla quests via the console.

      If you have questions regarding what he would do in certain situations you can also ask in the threads, and generally people will respond. Activity in the comments section dies at day’s end, but the forums are immortal.

      1. Thank you, Kris! I am still new to navigating the website. Your help is appreciated. I have come across most of his dialogue and understand his personality. I just need a little more of his history. Particularly with Otero. I will make a thread on that when I am ready. Thanks again!

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