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At some point while poking around in the Creation Kit, I pressed the wrong button. I’m not sure what I did, or how I did it, but the result was clear. The faces in the preview window weren’t showing up. At least, not the entire face. There were no bones, no flesh, no hair and no muscle. All that was left was a ghoulish monstrosity of eyes and teeth.

This, of course, was pure serendipity. Mainly because it removed the natural instinct to make a symmetrical face. Now I could throw the sliders in all direction without compunction, and not be influenced by the sad face in the window, crying because God made her ugly. No, the lipless freak was always smiling. No matter how far I pushed the sliders, it never blinked.

So when I set out to meet my latest Frankenstein, I was caught off guard. “Bear-Foot” Froa was going to be a strong Nord woman with gnarly ass feet. She wasn’t supposed to be so goddamn…pretty.


In the past few weeks, I’ve tried to diversify the marriage pool. Taking into account the actors who are the most reliable, Hagravi Gray-Wave, Jaspar Gaerston, and possibly an Argonian male will be added to the list.  The last thing I want to do is add another human female. Froa, though, is just too adorable in her bare feet. I don’t want to change the face – I never question the Slider Gods – but I feel like releasing her like this will make her too attractive, and thus prompt a flood of marriage requests. In these instances, it’s better to write it first so the actor knows what she’s signing up for.


In any case, this is really just a protracted excuse to try out the poll feature. I’ve been wanting to put this thing into a post for some time, but I feared it would look pathetic given so few people would actually vote. That will probably still be the case, but at some point I need to make better use of WordPress’ features. I need to get wacky with the bells, whistles, and sliders, and stop worrying so much about the results.


9 thoughts on “Creation Kit – Serendipity

  1. Ha! The Slider Gods were on her side from the start. I love how you have her tottering about and smashing skulls in bare feet. She’s like a hobbit. I wish her feet could be hairy. And a possible marriage option, too. She reminds me a bit of Mjoll- both attractive, strong female warriors. The biggest difference is how interesting she will be to talk to versus Mjoll.
    I did a little jig in my chair when I read the part about Jaspar and Hagravi. A happy holiday this has been, indeed. I can’t wait. Do you work in collab with Santa Claus?

    1. Yes, although I don’t know if any of the new marriage stuff will make it into the next update.

      Incidentally, it seems the Slider Gods weren’t completely kind to Froa. See the “mouth depth” slider? I might’ve gotten carried away with that one. I just saw her profile, oh man, it’s pretty messed up.

      maybe i should move that back a tad…so tempting…must resist urge to make supermodels…

  2. I voted “marriage candidate”, because why not pretty? it’s not like most fans of this mod are using it so they can pretend to be best buds/lovers/puppet masters of some shiny barbies. And it’s not like you write them. Shiny barbies. If they want that, the Nexus is brimming with them.

  3. Yeah, so it turns out after testing this quest that the point of this post is actually moot. She’s both good looking and ugly as sin. I mean, she’s fine from the front, but from the side she looks like a neanderthal.

    Which is perfect.

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