Trailers and Teasers – Yggleif

With two more bards on the way after this one, I’ve probably gotten a little carried away. However, I couldn’t pass on the chance to add one with a Nord accent, which JLawrence Kenny manages to do with aplomb. This bard was included in yesterday’s update, although I’m still working on adding all the songs. Should travel on occasion, or be found at his home base at the college kitchen.


4 thoughts on “Trailers and Teasers – Yggleif

  1. Awesome mod. Love the attention to detail and the interesting stories. Worried, however, that I screwed you guys. I downloaded the mod, and left it seeding. Downloaded a different torrent, which was not what was advertised. Clicked on that torrent, and left a bad review. Whoops… Apparently, I clicked on this torrent, by mistake, and left a bad review for you guys. Totally an accident. Not sure if anyone will even see that review, but I still wanted to apologize, because this mod kicks ass.

    1. Too late to change the lyrics. Player dialogue is one thing, but most of the recorded dialogue is likely here to stay, with a few exceptions when the actor is Jay or Anduniel. Others it can take months just to get in contact with them.

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