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vP6bRUr (2)Here is the third of ten weekly updates before the release of version 3.05. This week we have the return of Lila Paws and the beta version of the Black Robes quest. I did my final test run of the quest and polished it best I could, and while I found a missing voice file, Ryan Cooper came in with a last minute save and got the thing fully voiced.

The quest features a resolution to Anum-La‘s original backstory, as well as new music from Giramor and the introduction of a couple new NPCs.

I also altered the release notes to include all changes from v3.04 onward, and added a note on installation. It’s basically a reminder that the Hearthfire Patch folder contains only an ESP and SEQ file. It doesn’t have any of the sound files, textures, or scripts needed for the update.

3DNPC v3.04.3 UPDATE [Requires Installation of 3.04]

New Quests
• Black Robes (Lila Paws, Ryan Cooper, Elisabeth Hutner, Damien Lacambra)

New NPCs
Lattimore (Ryan Cooper)
Julius (Damien Lacambra)
Merissa (Elisabeth Hunter)
• Cassius (Randy Westbrook), Ogdul (Ryan Cooper)
Yggleif (JLawrence Kenny)
Geel-Jah (Matthew Dixon) and Torveld (Ryan Cooper)

Re-Recorded NPCs
Melea Entius (EvilSeedlet)
Morviah HlaaluLila Paws
Beatrice (Alice Bell)

New Textures
• Svashni’s Swords – (nonoodles)

New Music
• Nocturne (Giramor)

All Fixes and Tweaks from v3.04
• Black Robes – Telling Anum-La to Wait at the Mourner’s Den will cause her to wait there forever if Lattimore is sent to Winterhold upon completion.
• Improper condition for Meresine upon meeting.
• Missing files for Alassea inn dialogue and the request portion of the Journey, also Journey flagged incorrectly as “SayOnce”
Gales of Guilt – Removed “SayOnce” flag on Foromir for cases where a line is triggered too early. Asgeld now teleported to the Blue Palace if the player beats him there.
Mogo’s Mead – Dialogue may have been disconnected in v3.04 causing quest not to start, also fixed rare issue where Maven is late to the party by teleporting her into place.
Sleeping Giant – Added failsafe package to ensure Anum-La and Fjona follow
Amsien not going to Lakeview Manor – “Setstage DialogueAmsien 3” will fix for old saves


7 thoughts on “3DNPC v3.04.3

  1. I got the screenshot from here, after doing a random google serach for Anum-La images. Courtesy of Finn Wolfshorn.


    Well, I didn’t really ask him, but perhaps he will take this GIF as payment. It’s a dog in space.


    And I totally didn’t steal this one off the internet either.

  2. Hello, I think that you accidentally forgot to pack those new textures for Svashni’s Swords. Meshes are there, but in textures is only actors folder.

      1. Yes it’s meshes-only. They rely on vanilla textures and will take any retextures you’re using. So yeah it should read ‘meshes’ rather than ‘textures’ to avoid confusing users

        …and S’vashni wears her blade like that ’cause she’s (a) a total BAMF (b) her iaido is just *that* good. Yea. Nobody out-iaido’s her! :P

  3. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, but I installed the update and Melea‘s voice doesn’t change for me. Which I have a particular interest in for obvious reasons >_> Any ideas?

    1. Probably didn’t install the voice files, but just the HF patch or something.

      Most of them are the same file names. If the old voice pops up, it’s because the old files haven’t been overwritten.

      The main update has all the new scripts, textures, and sound files. The HF patch is just an ESP/SEQ.

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