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2014-01-26_00016Heyo! I’ve been meaning to add a new post for a while now, but I’ve been fairly busy with stuff. Lot of stuff to do. Yup. And on top of all the stuff, a lot of shit has gotten in the way too, which is especially problematic given I can get easily distract – OH IS THAT A NEW EPISODE OF FUNNY SITCOM CO-STARRING ATTRACTIVE AND SOMEWHAT ECCENTRIC BRUNETTE WELL SHIT MY NIGHT’S GONE – but for all those who have sent me emails about new roles and the like, I will be getting to them shortly. I hope. As soon as I get finished with all the stuff and shit. In any event, we should be on track for a new release tomorrow with a new quest.

Here are the other notes:

• Nonoodles has been kind enough to make a sword texture for S’vashni‘s katanas. I need to remember to add it to the Nexus description page, which is currently a government sanctioned clusterfuck. As President, CEO, and Archduke of said government, I humbly apologize to those affected. I think the music section in particular is missing credit for some of Giramor and Ronja‘s work.

• Minor tweaks will still get done as I play the mod and talk to NPCs. The other day I noticed when Gerrod talks about blood and guts, it would be kind of neat if he sauntered over to the table and stared at the actual blood and guts. These are the sort of things that may seem obvious now but were simply out of the realm of possibility when I didn’t know how to script.

• Lastly, Damien has finished the latest batch of Vincent lines for Fallout 4, and since I’m too lazy to learn G.E.C.K., nonoodles will likely release a demo for Fallout New Vegas. It’ll be nothing but generic dialogue because after all, Fallout 4 isn’t even its fetal stages, it’s just a phantom of a sperm cell floating around in Todd Howard’s brain-scrotum. Still, at approximately 300+ lines and counting, it’s not like he won’t have anything to say.


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