3DNPC v3.04.4

2014-02-03_00003Here is the fourth of ten weekly updates before the release of version 3.05. This week we have a new miscellaneous quest as well as the intro to something larger, although I don’t know if anything will come of that. More on this later.

Carmella will be muted in this version, but should return shortly as there’s only a handful of re-takes required. The Khajiit Dro’bar is an NPC I haven’t made a trailer for yet, but is already voiced. Ylgyne, who I mentioned previously, will spawn in Fort Hraggstad (if the Imperials hold the fort) but will be silent for now. Using the console to enable silent dialogue will allow you to take him along.

One last thing I want to note about this version. I altered the vanilla index for Honeyside because the game incorrectly flags it as an inn, when it should be flagged as a house. I don’t think it will cause any problems, but let me know if anything weird happens there. This is to fix Honeyside so followers don’t spew inn chatter while in your home.

3DNPC v3.04.4 UPDATE [Requires Installation of 3.04]

New Quests
Azzarian’s Gold (Glen Michael Cooper, Jay33721)
• Black Robes (Lila Paws, Ryan Cooper, Elisabeth Hutner, Damien Lacambra)

New NPCs
• Azzarian (Glen Michael Cooper)
• Dro’bar (Joshua Brayton)
Lattimore (Ryan Cooper)
Julius (Damien Lacambra)
Merissa (Elisabeth Hunter)
• Cassius (Randy Westbrook), Ogdul (Ryan Cooper)
Yggleif (JLawrence Kenny)
Geel-Jah (Matthew Dixon) and Torveld (Ryan Cooper)

Re-Recorded NPCs
Melea Entius (EvilSeedlet)
Morviah HlaaluLila Paws
Beatrice (Alice Bell)

Temporarily Muted NPCs
• Carmella (Katie Votapka)
• Ylgyne (Unvoiced)

New Textures
• Svashni’s Swords – (nonoodles)

New Music
• Nocturne (Giramor)

All Fixes and Tweaks from v3.04
• Crabber’s Wife – Juryk‘s family not disabling
• Post combat dialogue was not firing for inexplicable reason, moved it to a new quest and works again
Paper Mirror – Speech check for alternate ending was incorrectly applied to Theron
• Black Robes – Telling Anum-La to Wait at the Mourner’s Den will cause her to wait there forever if Lattimore is sent to Winterhold upon completion.
• Improper condition for Meresine upon meeting.
• Missing files for Alassea inn dialogue and the request portion of the Journey, also Journey flagged incorrectly as “SayOnce”
Gales of Guilt – Removed “SayOnce” flag on Foromir for cases where a line is triggered too early. Asgeld now teleported to the Blue Palace if the player beats him there.
Mogo’s Mead – Dialogue may have been disconnected in v3.04 causing quest not to start, also fixed rare issue where Maven is late to the party by teleporting her into place.
Sleeping Giant – Added failsafe package to ensure Anum-La and Fjona follow
Amsien not going to Lakeview Manor – “Setstage DialogueAmsien 3” will fix for old saves
• Changed vanilla RiftenHoneysidelocation to “LocTypeHouse” as it was incorrectly flagged “LocTypeInn”


9 thoughts on “3DNPC v3.04.4

  1. I still can’t get Prompt to go to Lakeview after installing this update. Is she/he/it working correctly on your end?

    1. I didn’t change anything actually because it looked setup correctly. Telling him/her to go to Lakeview sets PromptCount to 10, that should make her go Sandbox around the xmarker in Lakeview. Theoretically. Will check.

    2. All right, I think it’s because the packages in the quest are overriding the base packages. Not the case for vanilla packages because they’ve been added to the quest. Should be working next version.

      That or stop the quest from running, which should be the case for most endings, I think there was a few where the slavers were spared and their dialogue kept intact, but even then I should probably move it somewhere else. Did you finish the quest?

      Edit: Wait, I’ve got the stop() call in a different place for that one. So I think just finishing the quest will free up her AI package. The Hearthfire packages still needs to be added to the quest so she doesn’t get locked in, but for now just finishing the quest will have her use her base packages instead.

  2. Ok, good to know. Right now she does get locked into the manor once you leave. It’s possible she can still find a way out – I know for certain that npcs can get through locked doors if they are conditioned to go some place else – just, the overall feel of the quest would be smoother if she leaves…promptly…but not, one hopes, too…bashfully

    sorry, couldn’t resist : P

    1. I’m having this problem too. I’m thinking maybe she has to be a follower and you need to be in a certain location to trigger, like some of the other quests. I just don’t know where that is, haha

    2. Haha, never mind, just stumbled on what you need to do. I love the condition-based quest-giving in this mod. It makes it a bit harder, but everything feels more natural.

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