Notes, Stuff, and Cats


Before you ask, that’s not a spot on your glasses, it’s just blood. On the screenshot, not in your eye. Maybe. If there’s actual blood in your eye, I don’t want to be responsible for telling you everything is okay. Because it’s not. Just so we’re clear, only go to the hospital if that blood smudge is there when you turn away. Nod if you comprende.

In non-blood related news, the amazing Daniel Hodge has completed all the lines for Arghus, so that will be in the next update.  I kind of want to utilize his talents for a larger quest as well. Another quest I’ve finished writing is a Skjarn based adventure, but I don’t think I’ll release it as silent content as I haven’t  had a chance to test it. But ultimately, I think we will have no problem moving past the 50 quest mark in the next few months. The original goal was 100 NPCs, and now we’re nearing 300. Similarly, the original goal was 100 quests, so while I still think that’s unlikely, you can never  underestimate how obsessed I am with this shit.



There might be a shitload of cats coming to your area code soon. They are voicing your characters, they are manning the phones. Lajjan is a caravan NPC I’m working on that will be voiced by Cassandra Wladyslava, and Yushari the florist is nearly complete as well, voiced by an actor new to the mod. I just need to figure out how to credit her (Spoiler alert: It’s Jennifer Hedwig).


Lastly, the size of the smaller updates has almost gotten untenable. I may need to skip ahead to v3.05 just to avoid hitting the bandwidth cap for WordPress.


6 thoughts on “Notes, Stuff, and Cats

  1. I would not worry about getting to 100 quests. If 50 is the limit, then Amen Ra. If you can get to 60, then Amen Ra. 70 or 80…Amen Ra. 90? Amen Ra again. 100…Amen Ra. It is all the same…Amen Ra (so be it, Ra).

  2. Um, so like. This is an awks question, but are you accepting story-lines or quest ideas or anything? Or do you have like a billion other Ah-may-zing story-lines and are not interested in the humble suggestions of peasants?
    Because, if that’s the case, then I shall melt back into the shadows and continue to admire your work from afar…

    1. Suggestions are welcome, but I can’t guarantee I’ll use them, and even if I do, in the way you intended, because 9 times out of 10 they overlap with something existing in the mod, and I have to alter it to make it unique.

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