3DNPC v3.04.6

2014-02-17_00004Here is the sixth of ten weekly updates before the release of version 3.05. This week we have Lajjan the Khajiit follower voiced by Cassandra Wladyslava, who can be found following Ri’saad and Co. Arghus(Daniel Hodge) full dialogue has also been unlocked, so he’ll now comment and yell at bandits when you take him on your adventures.

Jaspar Gaerston is also now a marriage candidate, but for men only because that is just the way he rolls, and not say, the result of a paralyzing fear of vaginas. Lastly, I altered the safe in Azzarian’s Gold so you can’t brute force your way in. Should heighten the tension a bit.

3DNPC v3.04.6 UPDATE [Requires Installation of 3.04]

New Quests
• Azzarian’s Gold (Glen Michael Cooper, Jay33721)
• Black Robes (Lila Paws, Ryan Cooper, Elisabeth Hutner, Damien Lacambra)

New NPCs
• Arghus (Daniel Hodge)
Duraz (Jessica Osborne)
• Azzarian (Glen Michael Cooper)
Dro’bar (Joshua Brayton)
Lattimore (Ryan Cooper)
Julius (Damien Lacambra)
Merissa (Elisabeth Hunter)
• Cassius (Randy Westbrook), Ogdul (Ryan Cooper)
Yggleif (JLawrence Kenny)
Geel-Jah (Matthew Dixon) and Torveld (Ryan Cooper)
• Lajjan (Cassandra Wladyslava)
Tanita (Cassandra Wladyslava)

Re-Recorded NPCs
Melea Entius (EvilSeedlet)
Morviah HlaaluLila Paws
Beatrice (Alice Bell)
Carmella (Katie Votapka)

Temporarily Muted NPCs
Ylgyne (sveekins)

New Marriage Candidates
Daenlyn Oakhollow
• Duraz
• Jaspar Gaerston

New Textures
• Svashni’s Swords – (nonoodles)

New Music
• Nocturne (Giramor)
• Seven Septims for Sigurd (Ronja Monto)

All Fixes and Tweaks from v3.04
• Crabber’s Wife – Juryk‘s family not disabling
• Post combat dialogue was not firing for inexplicable reason, moved it to a new quest and works again
Paper Mirror – Speech check for alternate ending was incorrectly applied to Theron
• Black Robes – Telling Anum-La to Wait at the Mourner’s Den will cause her to wait there forever if Lattimore is sent to Winterhold upon completion.
• Improper condition for Meresine upon meeting.
• Missing files for Alassea inn dialogue and the request portion of the Journey, also Journey flagged incorrectly as “SayOnce”
Gales of Guilt – Removed “SayOnce” flag on Foromir for cases where a line is triggered too early. Asgeld now teleported to the Blue Palace if the player beats him there.
Mogo’s Mead – Dialogue may have been disconnected in v3.04 causing quest not to start, also fixed rare issue where Maven is late to the party by teleporting her into place.
Sleeping Giant – Added failsafe package to ensure Anum-La and Fjona follow
Amsien not going to Lakeview Manor – “Setstage DialogueAmsien 3” will fix for old saves
• Changed vanilla RiftenHoneysidelocation to “LocTypeHouse” as it was incorrectly flagged “LocTypeInn”


32 thoughts on “3DNPC v3.04.6

  1. Jaspar! Ahh! Let me do a little dance in my chair. I’m glad my roommate isn’t here to see.
    Arghus! Whoo! Daniel Hodge has a fantastic voice and when I watched the video on Arghus’ wiki page, I had to restrain myself from grabbing my face and melting into a puddle of goo. He’s pretty damn interesting as a character, too. There are fathers in the real world who turn to drink when their children dissapoint them. He kind of reminds me of my dad, too, but I’m glad we can’t reached that point. Plus, I’d never join the Forsworn.
    When Azzarian‘s quest came out, it was very hard to not play it because my character despised shady deals. Time to roll a thief.

    1. Ha, yeah, Arghus is pretty awesome, hopefully Daniel will do some more voices in the future.

      yeah I tried to keep the quests as friendly to all characters as possible, but some things are just better suited for some roles than others.

  2. So I’ve seen 3dnpcs interact with each other or with vanilla npcs. Is it possible for the multiple followers to interact with each other? It will be cool.

    1. Party banter does occur for quests when I have multiple people following.

      But regular followers are meant to jive with the vanilla system. I don’t want to incentivize playing with multiple followers as not everyone uses that, nor does everyone use a combat overhaul which helps the enemies counter the fact you have a small army with you. So in general, I try to keep everything in line with how vanilla balances the game, and design the chatter accordingly.

  3. Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question. I read around but do not come to a conclusion:

    When upgrading from 3.04, do I need all the in between updates as well? Or is everything since 3.04(.00) contained in 3.04.06 ?

    Also it seems that on Nexus there is no version 3.04.06 (which I don’t care about. I’m happy to download from here). Nexus seems to stop at 3.04.04 at the moment, just saying.

    1. Sorry for earlier (probably stupid comment/question) … just seeing the size of the 3.04.6 version being 219MB, iI suppose it contains everything since 3.04, right?

  4. Great update, but about Azzarian‘s gold quest there is one (little) problem…
    I think you should have edited the books involved in the quest, or made custom ones
    I’m french, and i don’t have any problem with your mod being in english, but since you used vanilla books, everything about those books, from the title to the content, is in french in my game, but the quest was made for the english version of those, so it’s impossible to find the code without searching the english version of those on google and stuff….

    I don’t want to do it by randomly chosing numbers, so i’m leaving the quest as it is, hope you’ll fix it when you have time

  5. I have some weird issue with The Sleeping Giant quest, it works the first time and it was awesome and then I saw that if I married Rumarin I would get a different dialogue at the end. But on my second attempt of the quest after marrying Rumarin the other NPCs, Fjona and Swamp dialogue would get trigger but Rumarin stays silence. Ah I really want to hear his cheeky comment to the princess.

    1. could be a missing sound file, but it appears it’s all there. What is the exact, specific line that is the last to be spoken? On second thought, reading your comment again, it seems you were expecting an additional line where none exists.

      As in, the lines are the same, Rumarin just points at Fjona because the 2 of you are married already.

      Basically, it breaks down like this.

      RumarinQuest2__00186CE9_1 (if married, rumarin points at fjona instead of player) It was her, she did it, you marry her!

      RumarinQuest2__00186CED_1 (Alendriel talks to fjona) I see. Then you are my love, wed by the Divines, here in this cathedral of nature.

      then 4 files where Fjona points at the player depending on sex
      RumarinQuest2__00186CF1_1 I-I…no, this is all a mistake!
      RumarinQuest2__00186CF1_2 It wasn’t me, it was her!

      RumarinQuest2__00186CF2_1 I-I…no, this is all a mistake!
      RumarinQuest2__00186CF2_2 It wasn’t me, it was her!

      Then Anum-La says yup, it was you and quest proceeds as it does in the other version.

      1. Thanks for answering, I think the problem was I updated to version v3.04.5 but use the orginal 3.04 hearthfire patch by accident. I think updating everything to 3.04.6 will fix the problem.
        Lol thanks for the dialogue, I love how Rumarin point the finger immediately, really great voice acting performance. Thanks for your constant update, this is in my opinion the best mod in Skyrim.

  6. Hi Kris!

    I don’t if I’m doing something wrong, but my inpcs won’t speak. The Dialogue is thee but not voices. I downloaded the new patch and I also have hearthfire. I plugged in the Main files .bsa with the Textures/Sound/Meshes and then I plugged in the .esp and .seq from the hearthfire folder and still no voices. Do I need to have both .esp/.seq files from both main and hearthfire together to make it work?

    1. Sounds like when you installed the patch, you uninstalled what was there previously. This is a common error people make when updating via NMM. There’s instruction on the File section on Nexus on how to install through that software. Personally, I just drag and drop everything.

  7. Are there any multiple follower mods that work well with Interesting NPCs? All the ones I’ve seen either come with too many extra features or don’t work. There was this one that seemed like a great concept; a multiple followers mod designed specifically to be compatible with Interesting NPCs. Sadly, the mod only works for version 2.25, but I was wondering if a fully updated version was possible for you. I enjoy this mod immensely, and would love the chance to go adventuring along side a band of my friends and allies, like the Swamp Knight, the Bladebinder, and the Diamond of Riverwood. Thank you for adding so much to my favorite game, and please consider the idea of a multiple follower mod for one of the best mods in all of Tamriel!

  8. Hello, I’m so sorry to bother, but I’m having some trouble. Everything’s going great, the npcs are talking and they follow me,except there’s none of the npcs from the update. I can’t find Lajjan (i even teleported to the caravan she travels with) and I cannot marry Daenlyn Oakhollow. Everything seems to be in order, I installed the update and everything.

  9. Duraz isn’t having a conversation with me. When I talk to her she just says “need something?”
    Have I installed the patch wrong? I downloaded the patch, then did a copy and paste into the Skyrim data folder.

    1. Likely. If you “setstage 3dnpcenable 1” and she talks, then you’re running an older version where her dialogue was conditioned to the silent stuff being enabled.

      Copy and paste should work though, make sure the ESP is dated the same day as the release.

    2. Likely. If you “setstage 3dnpcenable 1” and she talks, then you’re running an older version where her dialogue was conditioned to the silent stuff being enabled.

      Copy and paste should work though, make sure the ESP is dated the same day as the release.

  10. Hello Kris,

    I was wondering do you have a step by step guide on how to install the update manually? NMM doesn’t seem to work for me.

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