Trailers and Teasers – Skjel the Gray

Here is William Handford with the revamped Skjel the Gray. I wanted to give this NPC a more gravelly, monster voice like the vanilla skeletons, but still keep that jester-ish quality, and William’s rendition hit all the right buttons.

This is one of those NPCs that requires playing Skyrim and talking to vanilla NPCs, so I may have to do more of that to really flesh him out, so to speak. I tried to sprinkle a little more of that into his base dialogue as well – he previously used more idioms than Skyrim-speak – an example of which is in the following clip:

As I’ve been living in Riften on my recent test run, Skjel now has more idles pertaining to that city, but I eventually need to head out to other places and really listen to the chatter. Just another thing added to the list of shit to do.


4 thoughts on “Trailers and Teasers – Skjel the Gray

  1. His voice makes me think of the skeleton in Last Unicorn now! I love it!!!

    Will he be able to cast spells and such now, too? Or is the revamp for his dialogue/voice only.

  2. I met Skjel last night, and noticed some of the dialogue did not match the subtitles. Just wanted to let you know. And I love what I’ve seen of him so far, lol.

  3. I don’t recall, unfortunately. It was within two minutes of meeting to him, I saw…maybe two mistakes. Simple things, of course.

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