Trailers and Teasers – Olette the Bard

Unedjis suggested I let Olette play the lute, so here she is playing instruments. If you bring a bard such as Amalee, Skjarn, Daenlyn, or Alassea to your home, she’ll also play along with you. Ronnixx suggested I add a trade option as well, but it’s not working at the moment – not sure if it’s only valid with certain factions or if it has something to do with her being a child, as I tested on wild Olette. In any case, this should add a little more functionality to the little skeever brain.


10 thoughts on “Trailers and Teasers – Olette the Bard

  1. Ahh, it’ll be cool to see her play the lute I gave her :) great addition. And if by trade you mean make her some kind of vendor, It’s gotta be doable somehow because there’s that one boy in an inn somewhere that’ll come up and serve you if you sit down.

    .. Wow that’s not at all helpful, so I went and found him

    1. that’s bartering, right? it’s giving/taking items that doesn’t seem to work, as in opening her inventory. I used the script that’s used for followers, maybe she has to be in a trade friendly faction.

      1. Hmm ok, yeah that’s probably different. What about looking into how it works with Gerdur or Alvor in the beginning of the game when you first get to Riverwood? They do the trading thing without being followers when they offer you supplies.

        1. Probably it will make more sense to check out hearthfire children’s script instead of drunks’. They can use stuff you give to them.

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