Vincent Vincent v0.01

Here is the downloadable demo for Vincent-Vincent. While he looks like the picture above in my game, nonoodles has informed me that this is not the case after certain tweaks are done. So I have no idea if he looks like this or the Cookie Monster, but ultimately it doesn’t matter much because this is just a demo.

Vincent Vincent – A Character Demo for Fallout New Vegas v0.01 

Nexus Link

A lot of the dialogue is deliberately generic as we don’t know anything about Fallout 4 yet. The intent is to build a sizable base from which to add on quest and location specific stuff in the future. Still, nonoodles did her darndest to make the dialogue fit the world of New Vegas best she could.

The audio has been converted from .WAV to .OGG as that seems to be what New Vegas uses for compression. The Nexus version is now published although I didn’t really dress up the page, it was to try and see if the editing functions were working. Again, thanks to nonoodles for building the demo and Damien Lacambra for voicing it

You’ll find Vincent in Boulder City, hanging out on the curb.


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