3DNPC v3.05

immortalcoilHere is version 3.05, the last of ten weekly updates which will coincide with a Nexus release in the next few days. It comes packed with two new quests and a half dozen NPCs. The Immortal Coil features all new characters, including a marriageable follower. Jessica Osborne (Froa), Lindsey Lorraine (Arilwaen), and David Lobach (Telthar) make up the cast, with minor roles from Anna Castiglioni and J.T. Decker.

The other new quest, Fenced In is technically functional but has some placheholder audio until Aranas gets finished voicing one of the characters. Given it involves Morndas, I doubt many people will have completed the prereqs for that anyway. Consider it more of an alpha release for testing.

Also new this week is a marriageable male Nord named Ylgyne, voiced by sveekins. You can find him in Fort Hraggstad after clearing the ruin for the Imperials or simply doing so on your own.

3DNPC v3.05 (Torrent Download)
UPDATE from v3.04 from v3.05 (Zip Download)
Hearthfire Patch v3.05 (Zip Download)

New Quests
• The Immortal Coil (Jessica Osborne, Lindsey Lorraine, David Lobach, Anna Castiglioni, J.T. Decker)
• Fenced In (Anna Castiglioni, Matthew Dixon, Aranas)
Tailor Made (William HandfordJennifer Hedwig, Cassandra Wladyslava and Jay33721)
Azzarian’s Gold (Glen Michael Cooper, Jay33721)
• Black Robes (Lila Paws, Ryan Cooper, Elisabeth Hutner, Damien Lacambra)

New NPCs
• Froa (Jessica Osborne)
• Arilwaen (Lindsey Lorraine)
• Telthar (David Lobach)
Korrilan (William Handford)
• Morbush (William Handford)
Arghus (Daniel Hodge)
Duraz (Jessica Osborne)
• Azzarian (Glen Michael Cooper)
Dro’bar (Joshua Brayton)
Lattimore (Ryan Cooper)
Julius (Damien Lacambra)
Merissa (Elisabeth Hunter)
• Cassius (Randy Westbrook), Ogdul (Ryan Cooper)
Yggleif (JLawrence Kenny)
Geel-Jah (Matthew Dixon) and Torveld (Ryan Cooper)
Lajjan (Cassandra Wladyslava)
Tanita (Cassandra Wladyslava)
Yushari (Jennifer Hedwig)

Re-Recorded NPCs
Dar’rakki (FedoraandRapier)
Skjel (William Handford)
Melea Entius (EvilSeedlet)
Morviah Hlaalu (Lila Paws)
Beatrice (Alice Bell)
Carmella (Katie Votapka)

New Marriage Candidates
Daenlyn Oakhollow
• Duraz
Jaspar Gaerston

New Textures
• Svashni’s Swords – (nonoodles)

New Music
• Nocturne (Giramor)
• Seven Septims for Sigurd (Ronja Monto)

All Fixes and Tweaks from v3.04
Marriage for Rumarin not accounting for Hearthfire homes
Added an additional status update for Gales of Guilt for players who are winning but will ultimately lose the trial to make it less misleading
• Altered the cost of the cipher in Azzarian’s Gold to check the player’s wealth and adjust accordingly
• Fixed condition for Way of the Nine where Keerava wasn’t giving a note
Cat and MouseNasrin teleported to player in the event he doesn’t show up in time
Callen and Raynes “meet me there” conditions fixed
• Crabber’s Wife – Juryk‘s family not disabling
• Post combat dialogue was not firing for inexplicable reason, moved it to a new quest and works again
Paper Mirror – Speech check for alternate ending was incorrectly applied to Theron
• Black Robes – Telling Anum-La to Wait at the Mourner’s Den will cause her to wait there forever if Lattimore is sent to Winterhold upon completion.
• Improper condition for Meresine upon meeting.
• Missing files for Alassea inn dialogue and the request portion of the Journey, also Journey flagged incorrectly as “SayOnce”
• Gales of Guilt – Removed “SayOnce” flag on Foromir for cases where a line is triggered too early. Asgeld now teleported to the Blue Palace if the player beats him there.
Mogo’s Mead – Dialogue may have been disconnected in v3.04 causing quest not to start, also fixed rare issue where Maven is late to the party by teleporting her into place.
Sleeping Giant – Added failsafe package to ensure Anum-La and Fjona follow
Amsien not going to Lakeview Manor – “Setstage DialogueAmsien 3” will fix for old saves
• Changed vanilla RiftenHoneysidelocation to “LocTypeHouse” as it was incorrectly flagged “LocTypeInn”


44 thoughts on “3DNPC v3.05

  1. Hi, im very interested in your mod, trying it out first time today, im having trouble with AFT but I dont think it’s anything on your end. What im really interested in doing is voice acting if you still need roles! I looked for the openings on the nexus page but could not find it, I do not know if your still looking for people or what not. Thanks for taking the time to read this :)

    1. there are open roles posted to this blog on the front page right hand column. you can also send me a demo of TES voices you can do. Min requirement is a USB condenser microphone.

  2. Very minor quibble: on this site, the “update from 3.04 to 3.05” link still has “update from 3.03” as a mouse hover-up label.

  3. Congrats on this release! Superb mod, an absolute gem and a must-have for Skyrim experience enhancement. A job well done to the devs and voice actors. I could go on and on about how incredible this mod is. :)

  4. hi i’m having a glitch in w/c skjarn leaves everytime we go to a tavern anywhere in skyrim. he’s currently my follower + meeko and whenever i try and talk to him he still has his dialouge options as if he’s still my follower. but he just walks away everytime. has anybody encountered the same problem? thanks.

    1. He’s probably walking to the innkeeper to make an order. If the scene breaks at some point, it could be because of missing audio files. I’d probably need more specifics as to what’s actually going on. Seems functional on my end.

      1. now that you mention it he did go to the to the innkeeper after he said ” i could use a drink” or something the first time we went to a tavern. but he didnt say anything unless it was meant to be that way. the second , third time was fine but after that, it happened at the tavern in dawnstar. i do have a couple of other mods installed, i’ll try and deactivate some.

    1. ah, right. script references DialogueMorndas by mistake instead of MorndasArgonianQuest.

      you can “setstage morndasargonianquest 36” to fix. The day won’t matter, incidentally. He’ll be there. I can change that too as it seems kind of immersion breaking for him to be there on Loredas.

      Didn’t run into any other problems playing the quest, but I consoled my way past the beginning. Turns out it was the one part that was broken.

      Probably better this way as it’s got placeholder audio.

  5. Is there a possibility that the 3.04 to 3.05 update only file will have a torrent as well? Manual downloads from this site and the Nexus seem to be corrupted, i get this error when opening the .rar after the file stops downloading at the same point:

    Error UPDATE – v3_04 to v3_05-8429-3-05.zip: Unexpected end of archive

    NMM download is going slower than a snail despite fiber BB as well and continues to error, resulting in the download restarting from scratch.

  6. I sure hope Bethesda takes a hint from this mod…just like they did from the success of Unique Landscapes in Oblivion…and will add tons of living NPCs like you give in this mod in the next ES game.

    1. Yeah, named followers is also something Bethesda took from Oblivion mods, so I do think that Bethesda would take a hint or two. I doubt, however, that it’ll go further then just that – a hint or two. Only someone like KT can add a ton of well-developed characters and multiple well-written storyline quests (and to be fair to Bethesda, they also need to do a lot of non-characterization work). Next TES game probably will have some 3dnpc influence, but for actual 3dnpc-style experience we would have to wait for KT or a worthy successor of his to make a TES VI 3dnpc.

      1. yeah, sometimes resources can be a hindrance.

        the cons of having a budget of $0 are obvious, but in some ways it’s liberating because you have access to dedicated, passionate volunteers.

  7. I have another issue with the Gales of Guilt! Don’t worry, this time it’s technical. Foromir can accuse you of being an associate of the Dark Brotherhood even if you destroyed it (this line has completing “Friends like these” as a pre-requisite, but it appears that failure (killing Astrid) still counts as completance*). Easiest solution would just require completing Sanctuary in order for Foromir to accuse you of being a DB associate.

    *Which, I guess, makes some sort of sense, since there’s no GetQuestFailed condition in the code.

    1. I think it would be neat if you could overturn the Dark Brotherhood association by saying that your character actually destroyed the Dark Brotherhood, and that Commander Maro (or whatever scouts he sent to confirm the destruction of the sanctuary) would testify in your favor.

      1. Foromir wouldn’t use it if that were the case, he’d go to the next association, Thieves Guild or if none, he tries to associate you with Herran which actually earns you trial points because it’s so weak.

        Changing the condition should make it so destroying the DB will no longer make it evidence in the current version.

  8. So excited to play the new stuff. I’ve been holding off on updating due to needing to finish up some started quests before voice actor changes (although I have saves to go back to to play them with the new voice actors too) as changing voice actors mid-quest could be a bit disturbing. Can’t wait to play the new stuff!

  9. I think you must be getting the hang of this voodoo called Skyrim modding ;)

    Just finished Immortal Coil – no glitches, missing quest markers or other shenanigans – nice little quest :thumbs up:

    Also just like to say that the quality of the voice acting through the whole quest was, IMHO, amongst the best in the whole mod.

    1. I think I can speak for Jessica, David, Anna, and J.T. as well as myself when I thank you from the bottom of my heart for such kind words. :’)

    2. ha, i’m sure there’s still something or some fail safe that still needs to be implemented.

      I’m also going to add a wandering, potentially hostile Thalmor agent for the first phase of the quest. It was meant to lengthen the quest to give more character development to Arilwaen, but I think it’d be best to add some gameplay element to it.

  10. Had a problem with Immortal Coil. Everything in the beginning worked fine, but when I went to Markarth to distribute letters I couldn’t initiate dialogue with Kleppr. There is a vanilla bug where NPC’s might not talk to use after you change stats via showracemenu, but I changed nothing between my last talking to Kleppr except starting the Immortal Coil. Standard workarounds like resetai, disable/enable, kill/resurrect and recycleactor/moveto player didn’t help. He says opening lines when interacted with, but no dialogue box pops up.

        1. or you can just type “setstage arilwaenquest 6” in the console.

          i can’t replicate what you’re saying, and Kleppr’s dialogue is in no way related to his vanilla dialogue(not a blocking topic, just a separate one) so I’ll just file it away for now under Skyrim weirdness.

  11. A minor bug for Immortal Coils. During the initial scene, the Nord is talking to the preacher about helping his son, but the preacher refers to the son as a “she”.

  12. Yay new release!! I want to say thanks to you and everyone that contributed to this mod for continuing to give the game new life. It’s modders like you that keep this game thriving years after it’s release. :) I wish I had some actual talent to contribute to this amazing mod but alas, I have none. Lol I would love to help out if I could though… maybe if you need another wiki editor? haha

  13. Greeting all… Regarding the Gales of Guilt quest, “The lease can be found in a chest on the Shipwreck…”
    during my game play, I do not see the quest item in the latest version, v3.05,… there is nothing in the chest to move the quest along… any suggestions?

    Kris, thanks for the updates!!!! this is one of the best mods out there…

  14. Im trying to update from version 4 but I’m afraid I’m not sure how to use the zip file. Can anyone give some advice? Please?

    1. You just drag and drop in the data folder.

      If you’re using NMM, however, when you add the update you have to click “no” to upgrade and “yes” to overwrite all or something.

      If you’re still confused, just download the full version of 3.05 and install.

  15. Hi, i have problems with the npc named “Meresine“. She keeps saying “You Smell” to me in her dialogues. I have seen the bug fixes where the Meresine problem is fixed but in mine, its not.I have installed the latest version 3.05.

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