Fan Art – Rumarin by Alex Momo

alex momoHere is some more fan art of Rumarin, this time courtesy of Alex Momo. Take it away, Alex!

“Hello I really love your mod and as a simple token of my appreciation, I would like to contribute a fan art of my current favorite companion, Rumarin and my female Imperial Dragonborn doing their favorite hobby. :)”

Those bandits think they’ve got our heroes backed up, but the smiles on their faces say otherwise. Stupid bandits, don’t you know they do this shit for fun? Some people collect coins, others collect heads. You can pretty much guess who in this picture does what.


3 thoughts on “Fan Art – Rumarin by Alex Momo

  1. Gah that does it, after seeing all these awsome fan arts it’s making me want to draw again, that and this mod has my brain bursting with so many ideas… *hasn’tdrawninyearswtfhaveyoudonetomeKris*

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