Fan Art – Sleeping Giant by 324B21


Here’s some fan art 324b21 posted over on the forums. I believe that’s Rumarin and Anum-La, with the Dragonborn being the Orc. Not sure who the bard is in the back, although watching him cradle his lute is hilarious (as others have pointed out, it turns out it’s Fjona, and this is the Sleeping Giant quest – I think I’m turning senile).

Actually this really happened in game, I did the quest with my low level, master difficulty character (when I play I prefer not to change the difficulty for immersion) and then just as we triggered the giant, everybody started running away. I think it’s due to a glitch or something (I still kinda blame Rumarin tho, lol), but it was funny as hell.

That, Rumarin would say, is just the body taking over. It’s not like he wanted to disobey you, really. Although if our bodies do have a mind of their own,  leave it to Rumarin’s to be the practical one.


4 thoughts on “Fan Art – Sleeping Giant by 324B21

  1. oh lol apologies for the messy work, i actually hurried this up at 3 am in the morning, didnt bother to clean it up XD. or at least stated w/c quest is it. an yeah thats Fjona apparently, shame, i was looking forward for her to sing until the giant went nuts.

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