News, Notes, and MOBAs

EA has released its new free MOBA game, Dawngate, for public beta, as well as information on a variety of new characters. What does that have to do with this mod? Well, you may recognize the voice of Mina Prisardi, who’s voiced by none other than Elisabeth Hunter (Meresine, Falatild).

Actually, you probably won’t recognize the voice at all, which is a pretty good indicator of her range. Of course, while doing this project, Elisabeth still managed to find time to knock out some more lines for Meresine and another character in the meantime. She’s a machine.


8 thoughts on “News, Notes, and MOBAs

  1. Congratulations to Elisabeth. I have not a slightest idea what are they talking about but her voice sounds awesome. I met Meresine two days ago and seriously don’t believe this is the same actress, was it post produced to sound higher? I can already see vicious little vampire girl with power to possess others fighting by my side what about you? ;)

  2. Mina has quickly become one of my favourite characters to play in Dawngate.

    What I’d LOVE to do is get 4 others from the Mod, including Kris and play a few games of this for sheer poops and giggles! XD

    I really enjoy this game, me gusta.

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