Fan Art – Zora by Dunmur and Rumarin by Mythological Mayhem


Here is some fan art via the Tumblr site made by Auriel’s Beau.  The first is from Brittany aka Dunmur aka someone full of awesome. It’s a simple sketch of Zora with the burn and the eyes colored in.


Here’s some doodles by MythologicalMayhem, requested by randombosmer. I’ve found Rumarin is the most popular NPC on Tumblr, although the rankings have Anum-La as the most liked overall because reasons.

The artists, man, those are my heroes. They are the candles in the darkness, keeping the night at bay.


4 thoughts on “Fan Art – Zora by Dunmur and Rumarin by Mythological Mayhem

    1. A lot of people abstained from voting for Ylgyne – because I forgot to include him – so his ranking has yet to stabilize.

      One bad vote and he’ll go crashing to the bottom, whereas Zora can take a 20 or 23 and still be okay because she has so many 1s and 2s.

      That’s also why Anum-La is #1. She actually is no higher than #2 on any individual list, but she’s no lower than #10. So she’s the most consistent in terms of rankings. I should ask Lila, haven’t heard from her in a while.

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