Episode 1: Interesting NPCs

It’s Wednesday which means it’s time for another podcast, or Modcast, as it were. That is what the French call a portmanteau baby, and as far as they go, there is no way anyone has ever thought of this one┬ábefore. Nope, Modcast is a completely original name, no need to Google it, trust me on this one, seriously.

While there are tons of shows dedicated to mods, most of them are reviews as opposed to interviews and discussion, which is what we’re shooting for with Modcast. Of course, convincing notoriously shy modders into going public may be difficult, but hopefully the fact that our subscriber base is puny will help matters. Unfortunately, it did not help this month, which is why your hosts – Christian Gaughf and Anna Castiglioni – chose me as their first guest.


In this episode, the three of us talk about Interesting NPCs, mods we don’t have time to play, and why control over all the schlong sizes in Skyrim is too much power for one modder to have. Hope you enjoy.


5 thoughts on “Episode 1: Interesting NPCs

  1. This is the first iNPC podcast I’ve listened to (I know, I’m a terrible person), mostly because I needed something lengthy and amusing to listen to as I went about mundane Trophy-Hunting in that Proteus game I got for free through PS+. So yeah.

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