Fan Art – Isobel’s Date by 324b21


I wish it was possible to set a backstory with an NPC and the Dragonborn through dialogue options. pretty much like in Knights of the Old Republic 2 (If anyone’s familiar with the game, you can set the first game’s protagonist’s fate).

I always pretend that my PC was BFFs with Fjona since they’re both from the Companions, and werewolves. But that could just be wishful thinking. :D


This is how my PC’s first date with Isobel went.¬†Sorry for the eye rape lettering. I expected it to look bigger when posted.


“And now she’s being sarcastic..T_T”


2 thoughts on “Fan Art – Isobel’s Date by 324b21

  1. Ha, dates can be so awkward when you over-think them.

    Btw I split up 324b21’s comic and commentary in three sections, but if you click on any of the pictures it’ll take you to the base image.

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