Happy Birthday, Skyrim!


Just imagine, on this day three years ago, we were all choosing whether to go with Ralof or Other Guy. One of these days I’m going to choose your door, Other Guy. I just have to get over the fact you tried to chop my head off for no good reason.

In other news:

  • Here is a story from Tasmin about Rumarin after learning his ward spell. I post a lot of fan art but I really need to add more word sketches too, as I’m sure there are just as many talented writers out there as there are artists.
  • I forgot to mention the last release also included nonoodles‘ optimization for Dro’bar‘s shack. So the tour should be easier on your computer from now on.
  • Also happy unbirthday to almost everyone else. Unbirthdays can be more enjoyable than actual birthdays, depending on your age, desire for attention, and proximity to Wonderland.

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Skyrim!

  1. In commemoration of the day a mammoth fell on your head out of a clear blue sky and life was never the same again. Three cheers for Skyrim!

    Unbirthday is such a hobbit word.

  2. Is it three years really? I didn’t get the PC version until January last year, and hadn’t played it all until September 2012 and that was only on the XBox when my son went off to university. Incidentally, I chose “Other Guy” from the off. Ralof’s body is still in a handcart in Helgen Keep.

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