Rumarin by Olivia Malone



Woo-hoo! Turns out my art block was short-lived for once. Thank Cthulhu. This episode is kinda…uh…I don’t even know if it’s funny. It might be? I’ll leave it to you guys to decide. I just drew without a filter so whatever I thought up first, that’s what happened. There. Now I can’t be held responsible for any possible lameness.


One thought on “Rumarin by Olivia Malone

  1. I literally LOL’ed irl, A+, amazing.

    (Also, I always saw the “mother’s race” thing as less of an actual rule than a hand-wave to explain why in-game NPCs can only be one race. I mean, Mankar Camoran is supposedly the son of a Bosmer mother, and Pelagius III is half-Altmer , half-Imperial and DOES have his race set as Breton.)

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