Fallout 3 NPCs – Butcher the Ghoul

Huzzah so last weekend I popped my GECK cherry and made my first Fallout quest. I’m actually on the verge of finishing another for New Vegas, but it may be eons before they all get voiced.

However, it was considerably less time before one got voiced. So without further ado here is J.T. Decker voicing Butcher the ghoul for the mod Quantum Gravity


4 thoughts on “Fallout 3 NPCs – Butcher the Ghoul

  1. “He looks like Zora without make-up. Why does he even that”

    Uf, harsh…but LOL but harsh but LOL …

    Congratulations on the quest Kris, it’s a small step but we are all waiting for your NPCs! And also congrats on J.T Decker. Really nice ghoul voice :)

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