Wolves of Jorrvaskr by Ronja Monto


Here is a new version of Wolves of Jorrvaskr by the amazing Ronja Monto. I believe that’s just a title she’s earned now, like Sir Ian McKellan or Doctor Doom. Half-woman, half magical pixie, all-amazing, all the time.

Ahem. Like I was saying, here is the amazing Ronja’s version of Giramor’s old song, which Alassea will play when prompted. It is great.┬áMusic to the ears, you might say, in the literal and figurative sense.

And of course, if you’re in the mood for more ear bliss, don’t forget to click on her name and subscribe to her channel. It is even greater.



5 thoughts on “Wolves of Jorrvaskr by Ronja Monto

  1. Ronja deserves more INCP singing and character play time.

    Having Alassea have interaction with Emma in the Vilja mod would be great. Two ladies from the North wandering Skyrim in with conversation and song would be great.

    Of course, there is always the potential of The Lake Ilinalta Monster, but I would like to hear Emma and Ronja sing together even more. Nords can share more than just herring!

  2. Things like this remind me how jealous I am of people who can sing and play at the same time, because I am a cold, bitter creature. It’s lovely, of course. :)

  3. Ran across a video that sort of looks like Ronja playing the violin. (or else Lindsey Stirling made up to be Ronja. Might be part of that “I wish they all could be Finnish Girls” type of thing).

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