Callen by Hermannesque


Well, so I was going to post this screenshot today, but apparently there’s some big news in the modding community causing fistfights in the street, so pardon if it feels a little anti-climactic. But don’t let the climatologists fool you. This is a pretty cool screenshot by Hermannesque. It is also kind of hot. It is hot and cool at the same time, which is why global warming can be confusing to some people. It shouldn’t.

Anyways, Sheryl broke the news to me in the previous post, so now I am aware of its bigness. However, as I mentioned in the comments, I am still on an NBA playoffs high, so I don’t really have any concrete thoughts or a grasp of the facts. Feel free to discuss and enlighten me here. For now, I’m just gonna sit here holding this can of worms.



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