Fallout Mods: It Takes a Village – Mack, Sally, and Madison

Here’s Leara Morris-Clark with an awesome array of child voices, doing Mack, Sally, and Madison for the Fallout mod It Takes a Village.

I made this mod last week, so I don’t know if it’ll make it to the release, mostly because I haven’t cast the other parts. Still, you never really know with these things, someone like Leara might just pop up tomorrow, scoop up the uncast roles and knock ’em dead.

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6 thoughts on “Fallout Mods: It Takes a Village – Mack, Sally, and Madison

  1. Haha, Awesome. Please make also some characters / lines that address the nonsense that is having a super mutant base next to a children encampment.

    PS: I need Little Bo Beep moustache. That was a classy detail xd.

    1. I haven’t released them, I’m in the process of getting them all voiced. Will probably release them all when Bethesda announces FO4 as I assume a lot of people will be picking up the old games.

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