3DNPC Fallout Bundle v0.03


UPDATE: Was told the generic mod had some missing sound files, fixed as of 1/1/2016, this is now version 0.04, only other change is a few more tracks for Atomic Radio

3DNPC FO3 Bundle v0.04 DOWNLOAD

All right, here’s version 0.03 0.04 of the Fallout Bundle. It adds new idle commentary to some followers, as well as the background NPC mod featured in the video below. There are about half a dozen pairings scattered across the wastes, each having a handful of scenes that play randomly or fire when you hit a trigger.

The other major addition is the alpha release of Atomic Radio. The Nexus version will be a separate download and gimped for obvious reasons. For more details, see the respective wikis, and for the complete changelog, check the individual forum pages here.


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