Making Hope Essential

Now that I’m integrating¬†Hope, Vincent, and Velius to New Vegas, I figure I should probably add some of the same features I gave the companions in the Fallout 3 Bundle. Given how easily they die, an option to make them essential should be standard.

This little dialogue thing here will flip the switch, but you have to use the base¬†dialogue tree to get to it, as the wheel is for vanilla commands only. I really hate the wheel by the way. But I guess that’s because I do more talking than command issuing. It is fairly easy to remove, but some people might prefer it and it’s more consistent with the vanilla game.

Also, video games are really violent. I think Hope is going to need a blood transfusion after this test. And a new head.


2 thoughts on “Making Hope Essential

  1. Oh thank god. I’m so glad you decided to do that. Maybe even move Hope a bit? Her location is kinda dicey to be honest. If she’s not getting killed by geckos, it’s stray Powder Gangers or some other random wandering baddie. I’ve actually had to reload three times because I found Hope dead. I’ll understand if moving her isn’t possible, but just know that she can get dead even before becoming a follower.

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